Water and Waste Components

With over 20 years of experience, NMG has mastered the art of efficient design and precision welding and tooling of aircraft water and waste components.

Reliable Water and Waste Management for the Aerospace Industry

From motor-operated actuator valves and water heaters to pressurized and non-pressurized tanks, NMG has decades of experience designing and manufacturing reliable water and waste components with no margin for error. Our manufacturing facilities are equipped to execute highly customized designs of virtually every component of an aircraft water or waste management system. Our expertise is highly visible in our welding and precision tooling and fixture design capabilities, which set us apart from our competitors in terms of structural integrity and reliability.

Types of Water and Waste Components

Motor Operated Valves

Waste and water management systems may be comprised of any combination of ball valves, multiple ports, and quick-connect fittings to manage the flow of water and waste.

Potable Water and Waste Tanks

When designing potable water and waste tanks, it is critical to optimize both material thickness and structural integrity to achieve thin walls that meet performance requirements.

Lav Galley Water Heaters

Aircraft water heaters must deliver consistent heating power while fitting into tight spaces, such as galley and lavatory cabinets and bulkheads.

Drain Masts

Drain masts prevent dangerous blockage and buildup in waste and water management systems by draining liquids safely from commercial and business aircraft.

Fabricated Weldments

Complex products are assembled via TIG welding to ensure strong joints and structures that are not vulnerable to fatigue failure brought on by constant pressure cycling.

The NMG Quality Difference

From our extensive on-site testing capabilities to our sophisticated welding and manufacturing techniques, NMG has invested heavily in our promise to ensure quality products and an optimized customer experience, every time. We understand the high expectations and broad performance requirements of aircraft water and waste components, which is why our customers rely on us for a wide range of aircraft platforms.

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