Pneumatic Systems

When it comes to pneumatic system components, NMG is known for our design capabilities, and manufacturing expertise. What we deliver are pneumatic components that likewise deliver optimal performance.
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Cost-Effective, High-Performance Solutions

Aircraft pneumatic systems require consistency and precision to reliably utilize compressed air as a working fluid for a variety of important purposes. NMG’s engineering team is dedicated to service and science – enabling the design and manufacture of aircraft pneumatic systems that meet or exceed performance standards. Partner with NMG for cost-effective solutions for pneumatic valves that support various aircraft pneumatic systems. From precision design and production of pneumatic valve components, to comprehensive testing, qualification services and ongoing support – NMG tailors our solutions and support to your unique needs.

NMG Pneumatic System Components

Deicing Valves

Deicing systems and valves are a necessary and important part of any functioning aircraft. NMG Aerospace is a key supplier to industry leaders of deicing equipment systems, delivering hardware such as high temperature pressure regulation valves, isolation valves, relief valves and distribution valves.


Inflation Valves

Commercial aircraft rely on NMG Aerospace for inflation valves that reliably inflate evacuation slides and rafts. The internal seals are designed to maintain inflation of the stored gas cylinder so it is ready to use in an emergency. Our inflation valves also utilize a fill valve and burst disk to mitigate pressure relief when releasing the gas, reducing waste and expediting the process.


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