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Aerospace industry leaders trust NMG for reliable special processing services, ranging from painting and powder coating to pickling and passivation.
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Special Processing for Aerospace Components

NMG is proud to offer a robust portfolio of specialized processing services for aerospace components, parts, and assemblies. We can help you achieve a specific finish, enhance the properties of your metal components, get the results you need with hard materials, and more. NMG has earned coveted NADCAP certifications for many of our specialty processing services, including anodizing, brazing, painting, pickling/passivation, and shot peening, so you can count on a final product that adheres to the rigorous standards of the aerospace industry. Our equipment for many of these services can accommodate large components, so we can work with products of all sizes.

NMG’s special processing capabilities


Anodizing can protect products made from metals and other substrates from corrosion, scratches, and other wear and tear. NMG offers NADCAP anodizing services for customers who wish to achieve a certain appearance or level of durability.


NMG uses NADCAP techniques to ensure high-quality brazed joints for aerospace applications. Brazing is a precision technique that uses a filler alloy with a relatively low melting point to join two components together. The filler alloy is melted with either a gas torch or an induction coil.

Heat Treating

Specialized heat treating processes can change or restore the properties of metal that may have been altered during production. NMG has mastered a robust variety of heat treating methods for a wide range of materials and aerospace components.

Nonconventional Machining

While traditional machining capabilities play a vital role in aerospace manufacturing, a variety of unconventional methods may also be utilized when working with especially hard materials. NMG is proud to offer electrochemical machining (ECM), electrical discharge machining (EDM), laser beam machining, and other options for specialty applications that require a different approach.


Painting aerospace components is not as simple as painting a wall or even another type of industrial part. NADCAP specifies a defined series of steps to ensure a durable finish that can withstand the rigors of the aerospace service environment. NMG has significant experience with NADCAP painting techniques and offers on-site painting services.


NMG offers a wide range of NADCAP pickling and passivation services for aerospace parts and components. Pickling and passivation are specialty finishing processes that remove impurities, contaminants, and residue from surfaces and improve corrosion resistance of the final product.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is durable and resilient, with a low coefficient of friction, making it an excellent finishing choice for aerospace components that must endure extreme service conditions. NMG offers professional powder coating services for aerospace parts of all types.

Shot Peen

The shot peen process applies uniform, compressive stress to the surface of a component to mitigate cracking, erosion, and other wear and tear. Shot peening may also be conducted before plating to ensure better, smoother adhesion. NMG specializes in NADCAP shot peen methods for aerospace components of all sizes.

Continuous Improvement

Between our NADCAP certifications and our ironclad commitment to continuous improvement, NMG’s quality practices are second to none. We are constantly striving to make upgrades to our processes that could result in smoother operations, faster turnaround times, and a better experience for our customers. Plus, each of our special processes includes multiple hands-on quality checks to ensure flawless execution, so we can maintain our customers’ timelines and deliver a final product that meets their expectations.

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