Seating Systems

NMG manufactures aircraft seating assemblies for pilots and crew, expertly engineered for safety, function, and attention to detail.

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Leading the Charge in Aircraft Seating Technology

From the CH-47 Chinook to the Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk, some of the world’s most rugged aircraft trust NMG for reliable, repeatable manufacturing of safe, functional seating . NMG pairs precision welding expertise with durable sewing capabilities to engineer aircraft seats that outperform competitors on every specification. From designing the manufacturing process to testing completed products and assemblies for performance and quality, we support every stage of the product lifecycle for aircraft seating.

NMG Seating System Components

Crew Seats

From welded tube frames to stretched and sewn fabric, NMG has years of experience manufacturing durable crew seats for leading aircraft platforms, including the Boeing CH-47 Chinook and the Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk. We can manufacture seats with reliable folding mechanisms that are easy to use and store in the field.

Rub Strips

NMG makes robust bump and rub strips to protect edges and corners throughout the aircraft from the wear and tear of bags, carts, equipment, and passenger and crew activity. Our rub strips are durable enough for both everyday commercial environments and intense military operations.

Seat Frames

Durable aircraft seating made from precision welded frames and premium materials, designed for efficiency and ease of use. NMG specializes in fast folding mechanisms for easy deployment and storage in high-pressure situations and field applications.

Core Competencies

Welding & Brazing

NADCAP welding and brazing for aircraft seat frames, seating assemblies, and other seating components.

Sewing & Stitching

NMG has invested in industrial, high-performance sewing machines to ensure sturdy, durable craftsmanship of sewn products, including aircraft seating components.


NMG offers highly efficient assembly services for aircraft seating systems and frames.

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