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NMG is proud to lead the industry in aerospace product and assembly design services, supporting our customers in their pursuit of superior components.
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Product Design for Aircraft System Components

The biggest names in the aerospace industry turn to NMG for product design services and support. With our expert workforce, comprehensive capabilities, sophisticated processes, and decades of experience, we offer advanced insight into the design process and can help our customers take their components and systems to the next level. NMG is proud to help our customers leverage the latest in manufacturing technology to solve tough design challenges and distinguish themselves from their competitors in the rapidly changing aerospace industry.
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NMG has significant experience designing components for many aircraft systems

Aerospace Hoses

From evacuation slide deployment to fluid management systems of all types, every aircraft platform relies on a network for high-performance hoses that can handle extreme temperature fluctuations and other highly variable environmental conditions. NMG has years of experience designing aerospace hoses for easy storage and precise, rapid deployment. We can help you design a reliable hose that performs exactly as intended in all manner of applications.

Aerospace Solenoids and Solenoid Valves

Solenoids use electrical currents to power countless valves throughout many vital aerospace systems and assemblies. In 2016, NMG acquired Electromotive Inc., a leader in the design and manufacturing of custom solenoids, solenoid valves, and actuators since 1972. Today, NMG offers unmatched expertise and design support for aerospace solenoid valves that can integrate seamlessly into numerous applications and withstand intense environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures and vibration.

Deicing System Subcomponents

From high altitude to cold climates, aircraft must be able to reliably manage ice buildup. NMG is a key supplier of deicing components and systems to aerospace industry leaders. Our experts have years of experience designing custom deicing components, including pressure regulation, isolation, relief, and distribution valves, to suit a wide range of aircraft platforms. From validation of new concepts to modifications of existing designs, you can count on NMG for comprehensive deicing system design support.

Custom Fixtures

In some situations, manufacturing a specialized part requires designing a new manufacturing process, including customized fixtures for welding and fabrication. NMG offers highly customized fixture design for specialty aerospace components and applications. Our experts can develop fixtures that ensure tight tolerances, control shrinkage, and minimize warping on even the most complex aerospace components.

Aircraft Wheels And Brakes

Aircraft wheels and brakes must be designed for both smooth transit and reliable operation in a range of conditions. NMG is proud to support the design process for aircraft wheels and brakes for Tier 1 aerospace companies and beyond.

Potable Water and Waste Tanks

Potable water and waste management systems for aircraft are expected to adhere to rigorous standards for sanitation and performance in what are often adverse service environment conditions. NMG understands the requirements of aerospace water and waste management systems and engages directly in the design process, informed by many years of experience developing reliable systems for platforms of all types. From thin-walled tanks to precision valves, NMG can help you design exceptional aircraft water and waste system components.

Evacuation System Subcomponents

Aircraft evacuation slides and life rafts must be designed for fast, user-friendly deployment, so that the average passenger is capable of operating them in an emergency situation. NMG has been designing and manufacturing reliable aviation safety system components for many years. We understand the tight storage limitations for these systems, as well as the intense situations in which they are usually deployed, and can help you design each component with those unique factors in mind.

Aircraft Seating

Depending on the platform, different types of aircraft seats are designed with different goals in mind. Commercial seats are designed for comfort, while crew seats are designed for swift and easy folding and storage. NMG can support the design of welded tube frames, folding mechanisms, and stretched and sewn fabric elements of high-performance crew seats. Our design experience spans from individual components to full seating assemblies.

Continuous Improvement

NMG’s commitment to continuous improvement is visible in our approach to both manufacturing and design. Our focus on lean manufacturing gives us a unique perspective on product design as well as manufacturing engineering, resulting in our design strategies, processes, prices, and customer service always being made better. We strive to deliver fresh insight and strategic guidance on every design project and help our customers remain nimble as they navigate the changing landscape of the aerospace industry.

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