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As a trusted partner of military and defense operations, NMG manufactures aircraft components to exacting military standards and advocates for each manufacturer’s and supplier’s needs to ensure top performance, reliability and stable pricing.
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Ensuring Dispatch Reliability

Military and defense operations rely on aircraft that provide the highest levels of dispatch reliability and top-notch, reliable performance, often at a moment’s notice. NMG manufactures precision parts and components for aircraft adapted for military use, including fixed wing, rotary wing, and unmanned aerial vehicles. Our expert team is well-experienced with the tough performance demands and harsh environments that military aerial operations must exceed and overcome. In our AS-9100 and NADCAP certified facilities, we produce aircraft components that meet the strictest standards of national and international aviation and defense entities.

An Advocate for Your Goals

The NMG team helps military and defense operations meet their goals by delivering precise solutions backed by the latest technology and advancements in aviation. We support our customers’ priorities with thorough processes in place to prevent quality issues, on-track timelines, and cost savings. NMG is a one-stop-shop for high-quality aerospace design and manufacturing, as well as additional advanced capabilities including in-house testing, R&D, assembly, and more.

Precision Aerospace Components

NMG develops, builds, and delivers precision aerospace components with cost-efficient manufacturing practices and competitive pricing that meet or exceed quality and performance standards. We are innovators at heart, applying the latest technology and quality improvements at every stage of engineering and production to provide the industry’s best precision aerospace components.

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