Fabrication, Assembly, and Testing

NMG is a proud provider of premium fabrication, assembly, and testing services for aerospace components, systems, and assemblies, streamlining the manufacturing and qualification processes for our valued customers.
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Fabrication, Assembly, and Testing of Aircraft System Components

NMG is committed to delivering unbeatable aerospace component production services that go beyond manufacturing and design. We’re proud to be an industry leader in fabrication, assembly, and testing services, so we can support our customers from the earliest stages of research and development to final validation of a completed system. With our unmatched fabrication knowledge, years of aerospace assembly experience, and extensive on-site testing capabilities, we can support every phase of aerospace manufacturing. We leverage our hands-on experience designing and developing a wide range of critical aerospace systems to provide the best possible guidance and service to our customers, which include some of the biggest names in the aerospace industry.

Fabricated Weldment

NMG’s specialty services include


While some existing aerospace component designs can be used in multiple different platforms, there is often a need for a fully redesigned part for any given application. NMG employs a team of highly skilled manufacturing experts with specialized experience in sheet metal fabrication, NADCAP certified welding, and other techniques to provide comprehensive aerospace component fabrication services. From packboards to fabricated weldments and beyond, we’ve gained our experience by “designing and doing” for broad categories of aircraft systems. Whether you are seeking to modify an existing product or create an innovative design from the ground up, we provide support from the earliest design stages through testing and validation of the end product.


Expert design and precision manufacturing of each part is the first step of creating an exceptional aerospace component. The assembly of each system is equally vital to delivering a final product that operates seamlessly and functions as intended. NMG has mastered the art of streamlined assembly services for aerospace systems. We leverage our decades of aerospace manufacturing experience to design custom assembly processes based on the nuances and precision specifications of your unique system. Our designated assembly space is optimized for unmatched efficiency and unlimited flexibility, so we can accommodate assemblies and systems of all varieties and sizes. From packboards and fluid management to landing gear and braking systems, you can count on NMG to exceed your expectations when it comes to aerospace component and system assembly.


From research and development to final production validation, testing is an integral part of the aerospace manufacturing process. NMG has a robust portfolio of on-site quality and performance testing services for aerospace components, assemblies, and systems. NMG’s testing services closely match those outlined in RTCA DO-160, one of the defining test standards for the aerospace industry. Our capabilities include temperature, thermal shock, vibration, altitude, humidity, operational shock and crash safety, waterproofness and fluid susceptibility, and icing testing, among others. Our in-house testing experts can design highly customized testing protocols by combining multiple test variables to recreate unique situations and environmental conditions in a controlled laboratory environment. Whether you’re experimenting with an innovative idea or simply seeking validation that a given component performs as expected, you can rely on NMG to design and execute reliable, repeatable testing procedures, so you can get the data you need to remain competitive in the aerospace industry.

Potable Water And Waste Tanks

When it comes to potable water and waste management, sanitation and performance are equally important. These tanks and systems must fulfill vital functions in both pressurized and non-pressurized environments. Precision is key to ensuring consistent performance in flight. With our deep understanding of the critical nature of these components and the unique rigors of their service environment, NMG can create top-quality portable water and waste tanks that remain safe to use from takeoff to landing.

Aircraft Seating

NMG has years of experience manufacturing crew seats, from welded tube frames to stretched and sewn fabric. We can manufacture both individual components and full aircraft seating assemblies, depending on your needs. We also have significant experience with the folding mechanisms of aircraft seats and can manufacture seats that fold and store efficiently, for easy use in the field.

Tube Bending

In many aerospace applications, space is limited, and aerospace tubing often must be bent to fit—without sacrificing flow or function. NMG offers precision tube bending for aerospace tubing. Our expertise lies in calculating and producing the exact offset needed for your specific application.

Continuous Improvement

NMG’s commitment to lean manufacturing translates to continuous improvement in every aspect of what we do, including fabrication, assembly, and testing. Every NMG team member goes through intense training to hone their eye for creative improvements to every process and system. In turn, streamlining the manufacturing process and qualification process for our valued customers.

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