Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO)

NMG provides MRO services for a wide range of components flying on today’s military, commercial, and business aircraft.
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Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul of Aerospace Components

MRO plays a critical role in military, commercial, and business aviation. A comprehensive MRO strategy helps companies reduce costs, downtime, and safety-related issues in their operations, all of which can translate to a better return on investment and increased dispatch reliability related to their aircraft operations. NMG Aerospace has over 20 years of experience providing MRO services to the aerospace and aviation industries. We have facilities in two regions of the United States: Stow, Ohio (Accessory [Class 1] and Limited Accessory) and Tempe, Arizona (Limited Accessory and Limited Airframe). We can also provide MRO services for pneumatic tools of all kinds. We strive to deliver “first time right” repairs at competitive prices with quick turnaround times, all with the goal of helping you minimize downtime and unnecessary expense.

Our team’s MRO knowledge is extensive, but we have specialized expertise in


Regular inspections and preventive prolong the lifespan of deicing system components and reduce the likelihood of a malfunction that could cause operations issues or delays. Our years of experience manufacturing deicing system components have provided NMG with a deep understanding of these systems and components. Our repair capabilities and methods ensure the peak performance of every deicing system component we repair or overhaul.


Virtually every aerospace platform relies on a variety of electromechanical systems to fulfill key functions throughout the aircraft. As a trusted manufacturer of aerospace actuators and other electromechanical components, NMG is proud to offer reliable MRO services for electromechanical systems of all types.

Hydraulic Systems

From valves and actuators to tubing, hoses, and tanks, hydraulic systems rely on a complex network of high-performance components to function reliably in all operating conditions. With our deep knowledge of aerospace hydraulic components and assemblies, NMG can provide the MRO support you need to keep your systems running smoothly.

Packboards and Accessories

Aerospace packboards and the aircraft safety systems they contain must perform under all conditions and in high utilization operations. NMG provides comprehensive maintenance and repair services for packboard assemblies, supplemented by our unique welding and manufacturing expertise, that ensures the operational reliability of your aircraft’s safety system components.

Pneumatic Tools

In addition to aerospace parts, components, and systems, NMG also provides MRO services for pneumatic tools. NMG’s extensive repair capabilities economically prolong the service life of your pneumatic tools, protecting your investment and minimizing downtime for optimal performance.

Continuous Improvement

Every member of the NMG team, from our MRO technicians to our manufacturing experts, goes through extensive continuous improvement training to learn the principles and best practices that make NMG unique. We apply these same practices to our MRO services, always looking for creative ways to upgrade our capabilities and deliver even greater value to our customers.

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