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NMG is proud to be an industry leader in the machining and manufacturing of NMG designed or build-to-print aerospace components – providing high-quality solutions for our customers, every time.

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Precision Machining for Aircraft System Components

Whether you’re looking for an industry-leading manufacturer or a partner to optimize your design, NMG is ready to help. We take pride in our expert workforce, equipment, and refined processes which have enabled us to elevate our manufacturing capabilities and provide highly reliable, precision manufacturing. 40,000 square feet of our state-of-the-art facilities are dedicated to precision machining. We have over 40 CNC machining centers, mills, and lathes dedicated to critical aerospace components. Our experts understand the importance of machining and deburring specific material grades in order to exceed and redefine the industry standard.

Certain CNC machined aerospace parts only need to be used in emergency situations, like evacuations. You can count on NMG for superior precision machined aerospace parts designed to work in high stress environments and perform beyond expectations. We understand the critical importance of precision and can hold tolerances well within thousandths of an inch.

Precision Machining Capabilities

NMG machines key components for many aircraft systems

Landing Gear

Even the largest aircraft only maintains contact with the earth via its landing gear. Every component of the landing gear system must work in concert to ensure a safe landing, even in extreme conditions. This requires precision during the design, manufacturing, and assembly processes. NMG has years of experience making reliable landing gear to bring you safely back to earth.

Aircraft Steering Components

Pilots must manage many systems and functions at once while the aircraft is taxiing, so the aircraft steering mechanism must be operable with one hand and must not disrupt other critical functions of the aircraft. NMG has years of experience manufacturing the vital components and subcomponents that make up the steering system and striking a balance between weight and function.

Aircraft Evacuation

Though the deployment of an evacuation slide is rare, aircraft evacuation slides are absolutely critical for safety in an emergency situation. These slides must be simple enough for the average passenger to operate, yet there are powerful mechanisms in place to inflate the slide in under ten seconds. And construction errors can be costly: The industry loses $20 million a year to inadvertent slide deployment problems, which can cause injury and even death. The experts at NMG manufacture highly precise evacuation slide components to support safe deployment and minimize errors.


The shape of an aircraft nacelle plays an important role in minimizing drag and protecting critical aircraft components in flight and on the ground.

Additionally, underwing engine nacelles do double duty as thrust reversers to help keep the aircraft landing roll short and safe. NMG understands the critical role of an aircraft nacelle and we are adept at manufacturing nacelle components to their exacting standards ensuring that this critical aircraft structure performs, and performs every time.

Actuation Components

Actuation components translate energy to movement for a variety of applications throughout the aircraft. NMG’s team of expert offers significant expertise in precision machining of actuation components.

Aircraft Wheel And Brake Assemblies

Tier 1 aerospace companies and beyond trust NMG to manufacture precise and reliable wheel and brake assemblies and subcomponents. NMG’s manufacturing pedigree includes most components in a wheel and brake assembly; wheels, brakes, brake rotors, discs, and countless other subcomponents that support a wide range of aircraft.

Continuous Improvement

Our lean manufacturing approach at NMG allows us to continually improve our processes, prices, and the customer experience. Every NMG team member undergoes intensive lean manufacturing and continuous improvement training to ensure that our entire enterprise is working together to help our customers grow and remain nimble as they navigate the changing landscape of the aerospace industry.

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