NMG is a leading provider of premium NADCAP welding services for aerospace parts and components.
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Aerospace Welding Expertise

NMG is proud to lead the industry in NADCAP certified welding services. Our skilled tradespeople specialize in NADCAP certified TIG welding of rigid tubes and frames, pressurized vessels, and stainless steel tanks for aircraft water systems. We also offer highly customized fixture design and tooling to maintain tight tolerances, control shrinkage, and minimize warping on every welded project. NMG has a long history of working closely with Tier 1 aerospace manufacturers to develop and execute a design that performs optimally for their unique application. Our aerospace welding services are supported by our assembly, inspection, and testing services, along with pickling, passivation, and NADCAP painting and chemical processing.

NMG specializes in NADCAP welding for key aerospace components

Pressurized Vessels

The pressure tolerance of any given component aboard an aircraft is vital to ensure proper function of fluid management systems at altitude. NMG has 25 years of experience with pressurized welded tank applications and tooling. Our expertise extends to virtually any variety of pressurized and unpressurized vessel that may be utilized in an aircraft water or waste management system.

Rigid Tubes

Aerospace rigid tubes range from simple to complex, with size, radius, bends, materials, and finishes varying based on the application. NMG has a trusted provider of NADCAP welding services for rigid tubes used in water management, crew seat frames, and other applications throughout the aircraft.

Stainless Steel Tanks

Many aircraft water and waste systems utilize lightweight tanks with thin walls to save space. Our welding team at NMG has unparalleled skill in welding titanium and stainless steel tanks that comply with AWS D17.1. With our precision tooling and weld fixture design expertise, we can achieve incredibly thin walls, often 0.030 inches or thinner, that perform through highly variable environmental conditions.

Aircraft Seating Frames

Meticulous construction is key to producing an aircraft seat frame that is durable enough for rigorous field conditions and stores easily when needed. NMG has been making lightweight welded tube frames for aircraft seats for many years. We’ve also mastered the development of reliable folding mechanisms that perform consistently throughout their service life.

Custom Welded Components

Welding is a versatile technique NMG has leveraged to produce rugged, high-performance aerospace components of all types. NMG will work directly with you to design and produce custom welded components for your platform and application.

Tube Bending

In many aerospace applications, space is limited, and aerospace tubing often must be bent to fit—without sacrificing flow or function. NMG offers precision tube bending for aerospace tubing. Our expertise lies in calculating and producing the exact offset needed for your specific application.

Continuous Improvement

NMG invests strategically in the skillsets of our staff, seeking constant expansion and refinement of our in-house welding capabilities so we can be the best possible partner for any aerospace manufacturing project. Our welding processes, like all our manufacturing processes, are subjected to multiple in-depth quality checks to ensure zero errors and on-time delivery of every order, so we can help our customers remain competitive as the aerospace industry races forward.

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