Fluid Systems

NMG designs and manufactures a wide range of fluid system components for aircraft, from tanks and heaters to valves and hydraulic hoses.

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Fluid Management Expertise from Nose to Tail

For lav and galley, aircraft environmental, fuel, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, large aircraft systems suppliers rely on NMG’s design and manufacturing expertise to ensure safety and comfort during flight. NMG has significant experience designing and manufacturing these subsystem components to meet our clients’ exact requirements and specifications. NMG made components perform as designed from five feet to 50,000 feet.

NMG Fluid System Components

Hydraulic Valves

NMG manufactures precision valves for a range of aircraft hydraulic systems. We have thirty years of experience with pressure regulation, relief, distribution, and isolation valves.

Fuel Valves

NMG is a trusted provider of fuel system valves, including check, transfer, and motor-operated shutoff valves that can handle between 500 and 5,000 pounds per hour, at pressures up to 2,000 PSIG.

Water and Waste Components

With our precision machining and custom fixture capabilities, NMG is uniquely able to design and manufacture thin-walled reservoirs, water and waste tanks, and heaters that maintain performance and structural integrity under pressure.

Core Competencies

Welding & Brazing

NMG is NADCAP certified for welding and brazing of aircraft components, including fluid system components.


With over 40 state-of-the-art CNC machining centers, NMG offers broad, deep, and unmatched precision machining capabilities for aircraft fluid systems.


NMG designs efficient, streamlined processes for assembling completed parts and components.

Functional Testing

We offer comprehensive, on-site testing to validate and qualify the performance of fluid systems and components.

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