Safety Systems

NMG is one of the largest manufacturers of evacuation slides and other critical safety systems. Every safety system component is made with unwavering focus on quality, precision, and reliability.

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Expertise That Translates to Safety in Flight

Safety is the first priority of every flight, and each component of an aircraft safety system must operate exactly as designed to ensure proper function in the event of an emergency. With over thirty years of experience manufacturing reliable safety systems, we’ve earned the trust of countless aircraft manufacturers to deliver components that meet their standards for performance and quality. Our manufacturing capabilities include aircraft seating, packboards, and emergency evacuation slide system components, such as inflation valves, aspirators, gauges, hoses, and pressure regulators. We’ve mastered the art of aircraft component manufacturing and can design an optimizing manufacturing process tailored to your requirements and your timeline.

NMG Safety System Components

Evacuation Slide Components

NMG manufactures a number of critical evacuation slide components, including inflation system components. We have years of experience manufacturing reliable inflation valves, aspirators, gauges, hoses, and pressure regulators that can be stored in cramped spaces and deployed in emergency situations.

Life Raft Components

With our deep expertise on inflation systems, NMG is a leading provider of inflation valves and other precision components designed for aircraft life rafts.

Core Competencies

Sheet Metal Fabrication

NMG has mastered fabrication processes for creating packboard components from sheet metal.

Welding & Brazing

NADCAP precision techniques for securely joining components with melted metals and alloys.


NMG has invested in over 40 state-of-the-art mills, lathes, and other high performance machines for precision machining of safety system components.


Highly customizable assembly services to streamline the manufacturing process beyond the completion of a single component.

Functional Testing

On-site functional testing services to assess and validate functionality of safety system components and assemblies.

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