Inflation Valves

Tier 1 aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers turn to NMG for reliable inflation valves for evacuation slides and rafts and unmatched engineering support.

Reliable Inflation Valves for Evacuation Slides and Rafts, made possible by unmatched engineering

Most commercial aircraft have at least one inflatable evacuation slide or raft on board for use in the event of an unplanned landing or atypical situation. NMG manufactures reliable inflation valves for fast, safe inflation of these devices, even under unusual circumstances. The internal seals are designed to maintain inflation levels in gas storage cylinders, and a fill valve and burst disc mitigate pressure relief during inflation, reducing waste and expediting the process. Our innovative engineering team can design components and manufacturing processes that produce quality inflation valves that meet your exacting standards.

Inflation Valve Components

Internal Seals

Internal seals are critical to maintaining pressure inside a gas storage cylinder for long periods, so the cylinder remains ready for use when the need arises.

Inflation Valves

Inflation valves establish a connection between the gas storage cylinder and device to be inflated, such an evacuation slide or a raft.

Burst Discs

A burst disc is a single-use pressure relief device that protects inflatable devices, such as evacuation slides and rafts, from filling with air too quickly by providing an alternative pressure relief outlet.

The NMG Quality Difference

Safe and effective inflation of an emergency device upon aircraft relies on precision manufacturing of every small component that contributes to the process. That’s why NMG has designed its manufacturing facilities around multiple quality checks. Every member of our team is dedicated to constant improvement of our processes to ensure that we get it right the first time, every time.

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