Fuel Valves

The biggest names in the aerospace industry rely on NMG’s cutting-edge fuel valve design and unparalleled manufacturing expertise.

Optimized Aircraft Fuel Valve Design

NMG’s fuel valve expertise is the product of many focused years spent constantly improving our proprietary valve design and manufacturing techniques. We have become a trusted provider of check valves, complex motor-operated shut-off valves, transfer valves, and other fuel valves. We’ve manufactured valves that can handle anywhere from 500 to 5,000 pounds per hour, with pressures up to 2,000 PSIG, and every valve is tested on site to ensure performance, durability, and quality.

Types of Fuel Valves

Check Valves

Fuel check valves maintain fuel pressure and the flow of fuel in the intended direction, preventing fuel from draining back into the tank.

Motor Actuator / Shut-Off Valves

Fuel shut-off valves are an active safety feature, stopping the flow of fuel in the event of an accident, accident, emergency, or other engine shutdown.

Transfer Valves

The purpose of the transfer valve is to facilitate the distribution of fuel from one reservoir, such as an auxiliary tank, to another.

The NMG Quality Difference

NMG understands the mission critical importance of an aircraft fuel system assembly that functions exactly as designed, with every component meeting the highest standards for both quality and performance. Our manufacturing processes incorporate multiple, comprehensive quality checks to ensure that every fuel valve is made exactly to specification. Every member of our team is dedicated to continuously optimizing our systems, so we can deliver on our promise of exceptional products and exceptional service, on time, every time.

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