Aircraft Brakes

NMG’s dedication to exceptional quality management at every step of the manufacturing process results in exceptional brakes that function seamlessly in every operating environment.

Unparalleled Precision in Brake Manufacturing

Every element of an aircraft’s brake system has a distinct and essential role. From commercial and military to private and sport, NMG has deep experience manufacturing brake systems for all manner of aircraft. We make brake rotors, discs, back plates, torque tubes, sleeves, pistons, and more. With our manufacturing and assembly expertise, we offer streamlined brake assembly services optimized for each unique application. We can execute quickly on changes to our customers’ design and manufacturing requirements, making NMG a leading American aircraft parts manufacturer that has earned the trust of Tier 1 aerospace companies and beyond.

Types of Brakes & Components

Aircraft Wheel Brakes

Aircraft wheel brakes generate massive friction and heat to bring moving aircraft to a stop, relying on durable materials and precise mechanics to perform reliably in a variety of circumstances and environments.

Helicopter Rotor Brakes

Helicopter rotor brakes are mounted on aircraft wheels to prevent rotation of the rotor. Rotor brake systems are hydraulically operated and composed of several critical components, including a brake disc, two pistons, and durable friction material.

Landing Gear Brake Assembly Components

Commercial, business, and military aircraft require high-quality, high-functioning brake sleeves, torque tubes, back plates, and discs that are equally reliable in both low-stress and high-intensity situations.

Brakes for Homebuilt Aircraft

Many homebuilt aircraft rely on high-performance braking systems designed for normal operations as well as short takeoff and landing (STOL), with some aircraft coming to a complete stop less than fifteen feet from the touchdown site in competition events.

The NMG Quality Difference

NMG understands that when it comes to aircraft brakes and brake components, quality is nonnegotiable. We’ve built extensive quality control checks and processes into our manufacturing operations to ensure that every brake component meets our customers’ every requirement, earning the trust of the U.S. government, Tier 1 aerospace companies, and other critical players in the aerospace industry.

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