Our mission is to improve our customers' competitiveness

by designing and building the industry's best aerospace components


100% Privately Owned, NMG Aerospace® provides world class engineering,  manufacturing and logistic solutions for global leaders primarily in Aerospace and Industrial markets. Our businesses combine innovative engineering solutions, a global supply chain, LEAN manufacturing, and creative logistic services to deliver integrated solutions to clients throughout the world.  These integrated solutions have been embraced by today’s market leading aerospace and industrial firms because they deliver results. The success and continued growth of the NMG Aerospace® speaks to our steadfast commitment to customer service, and to the value our services provide. Our accumulation of experience with machining, assembly, and outsourcing allow us to provide a superior product at competitive pricing.

What Sets Us Apart

Powerful Solutions

  • We address the total cost of ownership, not just the purchase price
  • Capable of significant step change business improvements
  • Customer integration capability
  • Continuous Improvement culture

Customer Focus

  • Prime focus of tailoring solutions to meet customer’s needs, not OEM’s
  • Segment focus with demonstrated market specific knowledge and expertise for over 40 years
  • Program and product Integration for reduction in supplier base
  • Facility integration with not only product but also process management

Financially Independent

  • Long Term, Strategic Perspective
  • Accountable to our customers, not to Wall Street
  • Capital reserves for investment & growth

Teamwork   •   Partnership   •   Innovation   •   Integrity   •   Respect