Evacuation and Safety Components

NMG Aerospace is the largest manufacturer and supplier for the OEM Tier 1 level of commercial aircraft evacuation slide system components. With over 30 years of experience in safety systems you can depend on our performance and quality. We produce the full gamut of components required for inflation systems including hoses, packboard assemblies, aspirators and gauges. With over 20,000 gauges delivered annually, NMG is an experienced and trusted high-pressure pneumatic supplier.

Aircraft Seating

The pilot and crew aircraft seating assemblies manufactured by NMG Aerospace are engineered for safety, function, and attention to detail. The pairing of our precision welding expertise and sewing capabilities allows NMG to engineer crew seats that come with functional adjustment mechanisms and reliable crash-landing energy absorption technology. That’s why aircraft platforms like CH-47 Chinook and Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk trust us to provide leading aircraft seating that outperforms competitors. When it comes to safety and precision, we lead the charge in aircraft seating technology.


In emergency evacuations, aircraft packboards need to provide support and durability for the safety of passengers. That’s why NMG Aerospace produces packboards with a combination of sheet metal fabrication, welding and brazing, machining, assembly, and functional testing. Our rigorous processes work in tandem with our “potted insert” expertise to engineer reliable packboard systems that are used in commercial aircrafts for industry giants like Boeing and Airbus.

Inflation Valves

Commercial aircrafts rely on NMG Aerospace for inflation valves that reliably inflate evacuation slides and rafts. The internal seals are designed to maintain inflation of the stored gas cylinder so it is ready to use in an emergency. Our inflation valves also utilize a fill valve and burst disk to mitigate pressure relief when releasing the gas, reducing waste and expediting the process. Thanks to our innovative engineering team, we are able to design and develop inflation valves to your company’s specifications.


Since the early 1980s, NMG Aerospace has developed aspirators for evacuation slide systems. Aircraft aspirators inflate emergency slides to ensure fast and safe evacuation. Our aspirators consist of lightweight fluid flow components that deliver a high ratio of secondary flow to primary flow from the stored gas system, which allows for faster inflation.
Because emergencies happen unexpectedly, our aspirators can perform in harsh environmental conditions such as low temperatures (-65oF) and high winds. Our aspirators exceed qualification requirements like fluid exposure and FAR 25.853, a performance criteria for exposure to heat or flames.


gauge safety components

NMG Aerospace offers a variety of pneumatic gauge solutions. We entered the market by solving an existing gauge design issue used on commercial evacuation slides. NMG Aerospace started with a clean sheet and designed a temperature compensated pressure gauge that met the customers durability requirements. NMG progressed over the years by adding more gauge designs and continuing to solve customer issues and needs. A common problem with aerospace gauges is accumulation of condensation on the inside of the gauge. This causes the gauge to fog, making it difficult to read. NMG Aerospace responded by developing a special sealing device that prevents condensation and fog while meeting safety requirements. Over NMG’s 30+ years of gauge design and manufacturing, we have captured the OEM evacuation slide gauge market as well as expanded into gauges for military fire suppression systems and commercial emergency brakes.

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safety components include hosesSimilar to the evolution of our gauges, NMG’s hose design capabilities grew from our customer’s need for better design and service on commercial evacuation slides. With customer requirements calling for extreme capabilities of deployment such as artic temperatures and the ability to withstand intense pressurization speeds this hose truly needed to be one of a kind. The need for this hose to be kinked and folded into a cramped evacuation slide assembly in the wall of the aircraft and still deploy in time of emergency with zero margin for error. NMG was up to the challenge of having millions of commercial passengers rely on us.

Pressure Regulators

For more than 40 years, NMG Aerospace has perfected the design and manufacturing of aircraft inflation pressure regulators. Our mechanical, or squib-actuated, regulators supply regulated gas flow to guarantee inflation of the evacuation system in an emergency, when there’s no time to waste. The internal seals are also designed to maintain proper inflation of the stored gas cylinder between a 3-5 year overhaul cycle, so you can rely on our pressure regulators long-term.

Why Choose NMG Aerospace For Safety Components?

NMG Aerospace is a leading aerospace components manufacturer with over fifty years of experience in the industry. We are a privately owned company offering a variety of precision design and manufacturing services. This allows us the flexibility to offer services such as aerospace components manufacturing, CNC machining, engineering, design, assembly, inspection, and testing with competitive pricing.

We also focus on the continuous improvement of our manufacturing equipment, technology and processes as well as the skills and expertise of our staff, so we can provide products and services of exceptional quality. At each stage of the development and manufacturing processes, we utilize our immense industry experience to maintain precision, uniformity and efficiency. As a result, you receive components that meet the stringent standards of international aviation and defense organizations. Rely on our 50+ years of experience to create the aerospace components you need at a quality you deserve.