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NMG Aerospace has been in electromechanical actuation for over 20 years. We have a line of multiple generations of motor actuators, each besting the previous in some way. We constantly strive to better our products by reducing weight and increasing torque for various customer requirements. What started out in water systems has now grown to include fuel and hydraulic fluids. With the acquisition of Electromotive Inc., NMG now offers full solenoid and solenoid valve design and manufacture capability.

Our electromechanical actuation division manufactures the following products:

Deicing Systems

deicing valve from Aerospace actuator manufacturersNMG Aerospace is a key supplier to industry leaders of deicing equipment systems, delivering hardware such as high temperature pressure regulation valves, isolation valves, relief valves and distribution valves. Additionally, NMG offers the responsiveness and flexibility of a smaller contractor as well as the precision design, testing, engineering and qualification services you would find at some of the largest aerospace manufacturers.

Hydraulic Valves

The design engineers at NMG Aerospace routinely design, test, and qualify a range of hydraulic valves, from simple check values to complex hydraulic manifolds. Given the necessity of pressure relieving valves on aircrafts, our engineers have worked hard to advance technology within the hydraulic market. Whenever possible, NMG integrates our own solenoids into values to ensure fit, functionality, and cost-effectiveness. Our test capabilities currently include 3,000-5,000 PSIG systems with flows ranging from 1-10 GMM, utilizing MIL Red Oil and Skydrol.

Fuel Valves

Our cutting-edge valve design also extends to fuel valves, which are used to check and monitor fuel systems. NMG is a trusted provider for check valves, complex motor operated shut off, and transfer valves. Whenever possible, we incorporate our own proprietary solenoids into our valve design to optimize our customers’ experiences. The sizes of our valves can handle 500 lbs/hr to 5,500 lbs/hr, with pressures up to 2,000 PSIG. There’s a reason some of the biggest names in the industry rely on us for fuel valves.

Solenoids | Electromotive Inc.

Electromotive Inc. has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of custom solenoid valves and actuators since 1972. Electromotive Inc. was acquired by NMG Aerospace in 2016. Now, NMG and Electromotive combine their experience in the design and manufacturing of aerospace components to produce solenoid valves and actuators with improved performance and longevity.

Motor Operated Valves | Motor Actuators

NMG Aerospace is a leading product innovator and manufacturer of aerospace motor actuators/motor actuated valves of which can support fuel, air, water and hydraulic fluid. Our modular design approach allows for 30+ different configurations to meet our customer’s unique needs using a common motor drive train. We offer multiple models of motor actuated valves, all of which are qualified to the RTCA/DO-160.

Gen 1 & Gen 1a Motor Actuators

white motor actuatorGen 1, our first generation includes vertical motor actuated valves. These valves are designed to spec and fully qualified for potable water systems. Our Gen 1 motor actuated valves are extremely lightweight for their torque range and are available with ½” to 1” ball valves with the ability to actuate 90° to 180° with a manual override.

With Gen 1A, we were able to reduce the weight of the actuator by over a half pound without losing any power!

Gen 2 Motor Actuators

NMG motor actuator

Gen 2, our second generation involves horizontal motor actuated valves. This generation of motor actuators offers a lower profile with increased torque up to 300+ inch pounds. These valves can also be set up for any position with 360° actuation that can become a drive.

Gen 3 Motor Actuators

gen 3 motor actuator from aerospace actuator manufacturers

Gen 3, our third generation motor actuators are currently in development. These motor actuators offer diagnostic and prognostic metrics and offers programmable actuation profiles.

We are also capable of producing solenoids with diameters from ¼” to 10” and lengths from ½” to 12” depending on your application.

Aerospace Actuator Manufacturers With Reliable Service and Quality

At our Stow, OH facility, we combine our resources and industry expertise to design, develop and manufacture products for optimal performance in your application. Our engineering staff is equipped to work directly with you and your staff to create the exact solutions you need and fulfill your applications unique requirements. Additionally, with Stow’s low labor rates and reduced cost of living, we can offer competitive pricing for our solenoid manufacturing services.

Here at NMG Aerospace, we offer a variety of services including product development, design to spec, build to print and the qualification of each part for their specific aircraft platform. We offer have the ability to offer the flexibility and responsiveness of a smaller manufacturer as well as design, engineering, testing and qualification services comparable to the largest aerospace manufacturers.

Customers of NMG Aerospace also receive the advantage of effective quality assurance. We employ a proprietary numerical analysis program to accurately assess the endurance, temperature, and performance of their solenoid valves. This program was developed from over 20 years experience working with aerospace solenoid valves and valves for military vehicles. As a result, we can ensure each of our customers receives solenoid components that meet and exceed their performance requirements.

Why Choose NMG Aerospace?

NMG Aerospace is a privately owned company offering precision aerospace manufacturing and design services. We offer unmatched versatility with many available services including aerospace components manufacturing, CNC machining, engineering, design, assembly, inspection, and testing services.

NMG also puts a focus on the continuous improvement of our technology, equipment, development processes and, most notably, the skillsets of our staff members. As a result, we can set ourselves apart from the competition by providing higher quality, cost-efficient manufacturing with competitive pricing. NMG applies unmatched design and manufacturing expertise from the early stages of development to the final stages of productions. You can rely on our 50+ years of experience to deliver the aerospace components you need that meet and exceed the strict standards of international aviation and defense organizations.