Hydraulic Valves and Gauges Designed by Aerospace Engineering Experts

NMG Aerospace is your best resource for the manufacturing of hydraulic valves and gauges for aerospace applications. In fact, NMG has been designing valves and gauges for distinguished aerospace and military entities for more than 20 years. With a diverse variety of solenoid valves, deicing systems, motor actuators, and pneumatic gauges, NMG can meet and exceed the quality and performance requirements of any project.

NMG | Leading Developer of Aerospace Valves & Gauges

Learn how we can develop complex valves and gauges for commercial and military aircraft.

Solenoid Valves

We are a leading provider of solenoid valves in the aerospace industry. In 2016, we acquired Electromotive Inc., a solenoid manufacturer dating back to 1972. As a result, we were able to combine our expertise with seasoned solenoid engineers and create solenoids that offer superior performance and long lifespans.

Our aerospace solenoid valves are a critical part of various American military aircraft. In fact, you can find NMG solenoid valves in Blackhawk helicopters, F-16 fighter jets, B-1 bomber jets, and many more. Our solenoid valves also work well with a wide variety of products such as rivet guns, braking gear, mining equipment, landing gear, and aircraft deicing systems.

Aircraft Deicing Systems

Hydraulic Valves and Gauges Designed by Aerospace Engineering Experts

Deicing systems are yet another NMG Aerospace specialty. We offer immense experience in manufacturing hardware for aircraft deicing systems including pressure regulation valves, relief valves, distribution valves, and isolation valves. Most importantly, NMG offers the quick turnaround and responsiveness of smaller manufacturers in combination with the exceptional design, testing, engineering, and quality assurance services of the industry’s largest manufacturers. So, we are readily equipped to deliver the exact products you need for your aircraft deicing systems.

NMG Aerospace is a key supplier to industry leaders of deicing equipment systems, delivering hardware such as high temperature pressure regulation valves, isolation valves, relief valves and distribution valves.

Motor Actuator Valves

Here at NMG Aerospace, we are always working to improve our products and services, and our motor actuators are no exception. Originally, our motor actuator valves only supported water. However, we reworked our design to allow compatibility with fuel, air, water, and hydraulic fluid. So, NMG motor actuator valves offer the most versatility in the aerospace industry.

In fact, our innovative actuator design is entirely modular, offering more than 30 configurations to choose from. So, we can meet your application requirements with standard motor drive trains. Furthermore, all our motor actuator models are qualified to RTCA/DO-160, ensuring you receive the highest quality parts on the market.

NMG Aerospace began developing linear motor actuators in 2010 and climbed the ranks to become a leading provider of actuation components. We offer a full range of manufacturing, assembly, testing, and qualification capabilities for all forms of linear actuators, including hydraulic valves that use Skydrol and Red oil. Most notably, our testing supports pressures up to 10,000 psi, allowing us to create motor actuators for more applications than our competitors.

Gen 1 & Gen 1A Motor Actuators

Our first generation of actuators consists of vertical motor actuated valves. These valves are designed to spec and entirely compatible with potable water systems. One of the main advantages of this generation is its unique ability to handle a high torque range despite its lightweight construction. These valves are also available with ½” to ¾” ball valves and can actuate 90° to 180° with a manual override.

In addition, we used our innovative design processes to develop our Gen 1A motor actuators, which reduce the weight of these components by a full half-pound without sacrificing output.

Gen 2 Motor Actuators

The second generation of NMG actuators features horization motor actuated valves. In contrast to Gen 1 & 1A, these valves have a significantly lower profile and higher torque up to 300+ inch-pounds. These motor actuators can also be reconfigured to any possible position with 360° actuation that can become a driver.

Gen 3 Motor Actuators

Our third generation of motor actuators is currently in development. We are putting our best minds together to create the most versatile and powerful line of motor actuators to date. In fact, our Gen 3 motor actuators are going to include diagnostic and prognostic metrics with programmable actuation profiles. Choosing NMG Aerospace means you receive the best actuation components from the industry’s leading innovators.

Gauges | Evacuation & Safety Components

NMG Aerospace offers a variety of pneumatic gauge solutions.

Hydraulic Valves and Gauges Designed by Aerospace Engineering Experts

We are also the leading supplier and manufacturer of OEM Tier 1 commercial aircraft evacuation slide system components. Most notably, we offer a diverse selection of pneumatic gauges. With our 30+ years of experience in aircraft safety systems, we can create gauges of superior quality with unparalleled performance. In fact, we deliver 20,000 gauges each year, so you can trust us to give you the ideal gauges for your application.

Our central goal in pneumatic gauge design is to provide our customers with the most accurate pressure readings, so we can ensure we fulfill their safety standards. Our design team can also design new gauges from a clean sheet in addition to our off-the-shelf gauges. As a result, we can readily satisfy even the most unique application requirements.

NMG Aerospace became a leader in the development of pneumatic gauge solutions by solving a long-fought gauge design problem in commercial evacuation slides. We started from scratch to design a temperature compensated pressure gauge that could meet and exceed durability requirements while offering superior performance. NMG then continued to improve upon pneumatic gauge designs and solve complex customer problems.

One of the most common issues with aerospace gauges is the condensation building inside on the gauge. This will cause the gauge to fog and become difficult to read accurately. So, we designed an innovative sealing device that eliminates condensation and fogging. 

During our 30+ years of gauge manufacturing, we have proven ourselves time and time again. Today, we are a leader in the OEM evacuation slide gauge market and have expanded into the manufacturing of gauges for military fire suppression systems and emergency brakes for commercial airlines.

Why Choose NMG Aerospace?

Choosing NMG Aerospace means you get to work with a privately owned, American company operated by proven industry experts. We offer a full range of services with exceptional quality and precision including parts manufacturing, CNC machining, design, engineering, assembly, inspection, testing, and quality assurance.

Our staff will apply their immense industry experience at every stage of the design and manufacturing process, ensuring we meet all of your requirements along the way. You can rely on our 50+ years of experience in aerospace manufacturing to deliver the best components for your aerospace applications. In fact, NMG is a trusted provider of critical aerospace components to many aviation and defense organizations at both national and international levels.

If you are looking for a reliable manufacturer of hydraulic valves and gauges or other aerospace components, contact NMG Aerospace today!