Excellence in Aerospace Solenoid Manufacturing

Have you and your team been searching for reliable aerospace solenoid manufacturers? Reach out to the manufacturing professionals from NMG Aerospace today to learn more.

Comparing Aerospace Solenoid Valve Manufacturers

Without a doubt, any aerospace application requires durable components and attention to detail. For this reason, you will need to set aside some time for research when looking for a reliable aerospace solenoid manufacturer.

Excellence in Aerospace Solenoid ManufacturingTake the time to get on the same page with your colleagues regarding both project goals and fabrication requirements. Are you looking for CNC machining capabilities? How complex are your current designs and what is your budget?

Communication is arguably the most critical factor to consider when comparing aerospace solenoid valve manufacturers. The responsiveness of the team during the initial information gathering will tell you a lot about what to expect during the project.

It can often be helpful to consult online reviews to gauge a company’s timeliness and customer service practices, for example. Look for reviews from other professionals in your specific field to get a general idea of a team’s compatibility with your niche of the aerospace industry and your goals. However, it is important to only consider online reviews in combination with other factors, as circumstances of any project can vary considerably.

NMG Aerospace has set itself apart in the Ohio aerospace industry. Count on NMG Aerospace’s industry-leading quality assurance professionals and get the most out of your next project. Turn to the company’s CNC machining experts for both tight tolerances and durable parts.

Leading the Way Among Aerospace Solenoid Valve Manufacturers

Without a doubt, all aerospace applications require durable parts and attention to detail. Have you and your team been trying to choose between aerospace solenoid manufacturers for your next project? If you want to get the most out of your effort, then it will be critical to partner with leaders in the aerospace manufacturing industry.

If you have been looking for an aerospace supplier that will involve you and your team in component production and commit to the quality of the end result, then you can feel confident in partnering with NMG Aerospace. Count on the experts from NMG Aerospace for premier CNC machining, NADCAP welding, and more. For high-performance aerospace solenoids, depend on NMG Aerospace’s Electromotive Inc. division.

Electromotive Inc.

Since 1972, Electromotive Inc. has been a leading resource for durable aerospace solenoid valves. NMG Aerospace purchased Electromotive Inc. in 2016, and the step marked the combination of years of experience in aerospace component manufacturing and design.

Solenoid components from Electromotive Inc. can withstand the diverse range of stresses characteristic of aerospace applications. For example, whether the task at hand involves extreme temperatures, high levels of vibration, or high or low speed of operation, there is an Electromotive Inc. aircraft solenoid for the job. Electromotive Inc. can also manufacture solenoids with diameters from ¼” to 10” and lengths from ½” to 12” depending on the task.

Among solenoid valve manufacturers, NMG Aerospace’s Electromotive Inc. truly stands out. You can count on the manufacturers from Electromotive Inc. for aircraft solenoid valves that must operate in special environments, for both special shapes and mountings, special materials, reverse-engineering, EMI protection, and more.

Both Military and Commercial Aerospace Solenoid Valve Manufacturing

Electromotive Inc. solenoid components are vital to a variety of military applications. In fact, the U.S. government has approved Electromotive Inc. to supply more than 30 different components by National Stock Number. In fact, defense leaders use Electromotive Inc. aerospace solenoids as actuators for the Black Hawk helicopter, F-16 fighter, the B-1 bomber, and more.

The division is also an essential resource for a variety of commercial applications. To list, solenoids from Electromotive Inc. are crucial to the success of rivet guns, mining equipment, commercial aircraft deicing systems, commercial aircraft landing gear, commercial aircraft braking systems, and more. Teams count on Electromotive Inc. for aircraft battery solenoid components, aircraft master solenoid components, and more.

About NMG Aerospace

Have you been searching for consolidated aerospace manufacturing? Stow, Ohio’s NMG Aerospace has been a go-to resource for aerospace machining for more than five decades. Above all, the NMG Aerospace team strives to increase customers’ competitiveness.

The team also prioritizes constant innovation in both aerospace engineering and design. To list, customers count on NMG Aerospace for precision aerospace machining services, product testing, aerospace design, kitting, and more.

NMG Aerospace serves as a one-stop-shop for the design and machining of a diverse range of aerospace components. In fact, customers turn to the NMG Aerospace team for aircraft potable water system components, aerospace solenoid valves, airplane landing gear, aircraft gauges, and aircraft hoses, for example.

To the manufacturers from NMG Aerospace, quality is the top priority. In fact, the Stow, Ohio facility’s inspection and testing lab house 8 CMMs. The professionals from NMG Aerospace ensure all projects exhibit zero defects before sending final products to clients.

NMG Aerospace places a unique emphasis on Continuous Improvement of processes, machinery, and most importantly of employees. This philosophy is just one of the ways the NMG Aerospace team distinguishes itself from competitors. The Continuous Improvement focus also allows for aerospace components of higher quality than competing companies, cost-effective manufacturing operations, and competitive prices.

The professionals from NMG Aerospace have made impacts across nearly every major aerospace platform, producing more than 10,000 unique parts along the way. In the aerospace and defense fields, accuracy, durability, and safety are critical. For this reason, the NMG Aerospace team invests in the latest in technology, processes, and equipment.

However, NMG Aerospace’s most critical investment is in its people. If you and your team have been wanting to partner with dedicated aerospace manufacturing professionals, then you can feel confident in partnering with the professionals from NMG Aerospace. Reach out to the NMG Aerospace team today to learn more