Aircraft Wheels Design and Manufacturing

NMG Aerospace offers unparalleled manufacturing capabilities in the production of aircraft wheels and other landing gear components. We have been manufacturing complex aerospace parts since 1967, having helped countless clients find the ideal components for their landing gear systems. So, you can rely on us to develop the perfect parts for your application.

In fact, NMG is a leading provider of main and nose aircraft wheels, steering kits, linear actuation, and brake system components. We offer immense experience in the manufacturing of components for business jets, military aircraft, and a wide variety of commercial airlines. Most importantly, we work to meet and exceed the quality and performance standards of the aerospace industry. So, our products can ensure you will have safe landings time and time again.

For more than 40 years, NMG Aerospace has maintained its position as a leading manufacturer of military and aircraft wheels. Whether you need main wheels, tail wheels, or nose wheels, we can deliver aircraft wheels with exceptional durability and performance regardless of the application. With our manufacturing capabilities, we can develop wheels at sizes ranging from 6” to 30” in diameter from low to high-volume production runs. We also offer full-service assembly for tires, bearings, and inflation.

NMG | A Leader in Aircraft Wheel Design & Engineering

Learn how we can engineer aircraft wheels for commercial and military aircraft.

Superior Aircraft Wheel Construction

The average aircraft wheel is exposed to intense pressure from takeoffs and landings several times on a daily basis. In fact, aircraft wheels and tires experience some of the most extreme conditions of any aircraft component.

At maximum altitude, tires will experience temperatures as low as -40°F, while touchdown exposes them to temperatures that can exceed 392°F. Also, in the event of a rejected takeoff, the aircraft’s wheels and tires need to be able to endure the maximum weight of the aircraft at extremely high speeds. Therefore, all military and commercial aircraft need the finest craftsmanship and strongest construction for their aircraft wheels.

Our standard, two-piece aircraft wheels are forged with high-grade aluminum or magnesium alloys. This two-piece design features an inboard half and an outboard half. These halves are bolted to each other and feature a groove near the mating surface to make room for an o-ring. This o-ring seals the rim, as the majority of modern aircraft use tubeless rubber tires.

The bead seat area of our aircraft wheels is where the tire will make contact with the wheel itself. This is one of the most important areas of the wheel because it handles the extreme loads coming from the tires during a touchdown. So, we prestress the bead seat area with a high-intensity stress load during manufacturing. As a result, we can actively increase the strength of the bead seat area.

Aircraft Wheels Design and Manufacturing replacing plane tires

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Inboard Aircraft Wheel Half

Our aircraft wheels feature two halves: an inboard half and an outboard half. Although these are two parts of the same whole, they are far from identical. In fact, both the inboard and outboard halves serve unique purposes for optimal performance of the entire wheel construction.

Most notably, the inboard wheel is designed to accept and drive the aircraft brake rotors, which are mounted onto both main wheels. There are many methods for bolting the inner wheel half to the brakes. Regardless, this feature is the simplest way to distinguish the inner half from the outer half of the aircraft wheel.

For high-performance aircraft, we design the inner wheel halves with one or more thermal plugs depending on the model. During instances of intense braking, temperatures can reach such extreme heights that tire pressure and temperature can cause an explosion of the entire aircraft tire and wheel system. Thus, we design our thermal plug cores with alloys that feature low melting points. As a result, the core will melt and deflate the tire before it can explode.

In the event of tire deflation as a result of the thermal plug failsafe, the tire in question will need to be removed and inspected. Any other wheel assemblies near the deflated tire should also be checked for potential damages.

Outboard Aircraft Wheel Half

This half of the wheel will bolt to the inboard half to complete mounting onto the aircraft tire. We construct the center boss of this half to accept a bearing cup and assembly similar to the inboard wheel half. We also cap the outer bearing and end of the axle to keep contaminants from getting into the wheel assembly.

Our outboard wheel half design also features an easy to access valve stem for inflating and deflating tubeless aircraft tires. So, tire maintenance is a much quicker process with NMG aircraft wheels.

NMG Landing Gear Components Manufacturing

In addition to our aircraft wheels, we also design and manufacture a wide variety of other landing gear system components:

Aircraft Wheels Design and Manufacturing

Tires on the wheels of a Boeing 777

Aircraft Steering and Brake Systems

Here at NMG, our Machined & Hydraulic Products Division manufactures steering components, brakes, wheel and brake sleeves, axle cover sleeves, and undercarriage actuation for military and commercial aircraft. We also offer assembly and testing services. Most notably, we offer the unique ability to offer quick responses to changes in our customers’ design and manufacturing requirements. As a result, many tier-1 aerospace manufacturers rely on NMG to supply their aircraft wheels, steering, and brake components.

We also provide a diverse range of diameters as well as small to large lots of machined aerospace components. Furthermore, we can readily ramp up our production rate whenever necessary. So, we can consistently fulfill your aerospace component needs at a moment’s notice.


We began manufacturing linear actuators in 2010, and we are now the leading provider of linear actuator components in the aerospace industry. In fact, we offer a full range of versatile manufacturing, assembly, and testing capabilities for hydraulic actuators that use fluids like Skydrol and Red oil. Furthermore, our testing capabilities can support pressure up to 10,000 psi. So, we can develop linear actuators for a wider variety of applications than our competitors.

If you have been looking for a reliable manufacturer of aircraft wheels or other aircraft landing gear components, you can depend on NMG Aerospace to deliver products of exceptional quality every time.

Why Choose NMG Aerospace

NMG Aerospace is a privately-owned aerospace company offering engineering, design, and manufacturing services. As a mid-sized, independent company, we are able to maintain low overhead and, thus, offer highly competitive pricing.

Our relatively smaller size allows us to react quickly to changes in customer requirements and easily scale up production. We have the same experience, equipment, and full range of services as the large manufacturers but with the added flexibility to respond to customer requests quickly.

At NMG Aerospace, there is a continuous focus on improving our technology, equipment, and manufacturing processes as well as the experience, training, and expertise of our team members. We are innovators, applying the latest technology and quality improvements at every stage of engineering and production. You can depend on NMG’s 50+ years of experience in aerospace manufacturing to deliver the products that meet the standards of leading international defense and aviation organizations.