Benefits of Domestically Engineered and Manufactured Aerospace Parts

Benefits of Domestic Parts

Aerospace is one of many industries that has the luxury to choose between overseas and domestic manufacturing. And while taking an offshore approach to production and procurement may save a few dollars, there are several significant advantages to choosing domestic aerospace components whenever possible, ranging from cost savings to industry presence.

Lower Shipping Costs—and Fewer Supply Chain Risks

The aerospace industry is expected to show steady growth over the next few years, with big-name manufacturers increasing their production volume annually. Between commercial, recreational, and military aircraft, the industry consumes a high volume of components every year, varying from extremely small to extremely large.

Shipping all those components from overseas, especially when accounting for oversized parts, can be incredibly expensive. And the price tag can increase exponentially when multiple carriers and shipping partners are involved, forcing companies to raise their prices, sacrifice profit margins, or cut costs elsewhere.

Opting for American-made aerospace parts can dramatically reduce the cost of shipping. Plus, domestic shipping routes are less fragile and vulnerable to costly disruptions, which reduces the risk of delays and additional expense.


Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of choosing a domestic manufacturer for aerospace parts is the convenience. There’s no need to plan for a time difference greater than a few hours, and you might even be fortunate enough to be in the same time zone. This makes for easier communication and faster replies to emails and phone calls.

Plus, there are times when you may wish to schedule an on-site visit to build a relationship with a manufacturer or learn more about their capabilities. This is much easier to do without the additional hassle of international travel, including long flights and additional documentation.

Robust Industry, Economy, and Workforce

According to reports from PwC, the United States is repeatedly ranked among the best countries in the world of aerospace manufacturing. With an educated workforce, a healthy economy, and strong industry presence throughout the country, the United States is an extremely attractive option for aerospace parts manufacturing. And with the U.S. leading the charge on several up-and-coming aerospace specialties, such as green aviation and the space sector, the country is rich with both intellectual and production assets that companies need to remain competitive in a rapidly changing industry.

Meeting Domestic Standards

Quality isn’t just about the final product. From the earliest stages of design and material selection to final standardized assessments before launch, quality is critical at every step of the aerospace production timeline.

Many overseas manufacturers of aerospace parts rely on outside contractors to handle their quality testing work. This can add a layer of complexity and logistical challenges to the process. At NMG Aerospace, we do all of our quality testing in house, streamlining the production process for our customers and minimizing the stress of managing so many partners. On-site quality testing also allows for faster detection of potential issues—and more efficient solutions.

Domestic Aerospace and Aircraft Parts From NMG

NMG Aerospace is proud to be a third-generation, family-owned, American company, producing top-quality engineered and manufactured aerospace parts and components since 1967. We have decades of experience making custom aerospace parts to spec at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Ohio and Arizona, with reliable and repeatable results. We’ve mastered the art of lean manufacturing so we can deliver top-quality products as efficiently as possible, minimizing unnecessary costs and optimizing the timeline of every project.

Choosing an American manufacturer for aerospace parts and components can result in faster lead times, more convenient communication, and tighter quality controls at every stage. To learn more about NMG’s domestic manufacturing capabilities for aerospace parts, talk to a member of our team >