Potable Water and Waste Components

NMG aerospace entered the electromechanical actuation business over 20 years ago.  Our product line is inclusive of both motor and solenoid actuated valves supporting the potable water and deicing markets. NMG’s evolving motor actuated products are focused on reducing weight and increasing actuation torque to support the needs of fuel, air, and hydraulic systems. NMG’s acquisition of Electromotive in 2016 has further increased our capability in solenoid design and manufacturing.

The following list outlines the products our Engineered Products Division currently develops:

Utilizing our state of the art motor actuators, NMG Aerospace has the ability to customize over 30 different valve configurations to meet customer specific system architecture requirements. We have ball valves ranging from .5” to 1.5”, two to four ports with different AS threaded and quick connect fitting ends. All materials selected for potable water systems are NSF 61 compliant.

NMG Aerospace has been designing and manufacturing pressurized and non-pressurized tanks for over 20 years. Our expertise is highly visible in our welding capabilities which sets us apart from our competitors in terms of structural integrity and reliability. Also, our precision tooling and weld fixture design capabilities help us get product out the door right the first time. In a field that generally requires thin wall metals (.020-.040”) there is no margin for error which is why our customers rely on us platform after platform.

In addition to our potable water and waste systems, NMG is a supplier of lavatory water heater system components. We produce over five thousand water heaters for our customers with design to spec and design to print services. Our experience with lavatory water heater component manufacturing allows us to custom design water heaters. As a result, NMG can meet the needs for any customer regardless of the application.

Located at the original site in Stow, Ohio, USA and attached to the corporate offices, the division hosts an extensive assembly area with fully-integrated test equipment and NMG Aerospace’s largest team of design engineering staff. The Engineered Products Division is strategically situated next door to The Machined Products Division for ease with product development and production support.

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