Landing Gear Components

Since 1967 NMG Aerospace was founded on the ability to machine complex parts. To this day, we still have a deep passion for working hand and hand with our customers to produce the highest quality aircraft landing systems components that include main and nose wheels, steering kits, linear actuation, and brake components. With military, business jet, and a broad range of commercial applications we are proud to partner with our customers, ensuring you have a safe landing time after time on products machined by NMG Aerospace. You can continue to rely on us to deliver at the highest standards of quality and performance.

Our Machined & Hydraulics Products Division manufactures the following products:

NMG Aerospace has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of military and aircraft wheels for over forty years. We manufacture many types of wheels for commercial aircraft and military applications including main wheels, tail wheels and nose wheels. NMG manufactures wheels ranging from 6” to 30” in diameter at low to high volumes. We also offer complete assembly services for tires, bearings and inflation.

NMG began developing linear actuators in 2010. We are now a leading supplier of linear actuator components. NMG offers versatile manufacturing, assembly and testing capabilities for hydraulic actuators that use fluids such as Skydrol and Red oil. Most notably, our testing capabilities support pressure requirements up to 10,000 psi, allowing us to manufacture linear actuators for various applications.

Surface Rolling

Integrated Wheel Key Shaping

Shot peen