Why Choose NMG Aerospace?

NMG Aerospace is a privately owned aerospace company offering engineering, design and manufacturing services. We are a lean, mid-sized privately owned enterprise that provides high value added products and services to Aerospace and related industries.

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NMG is One of America’s Leading Aerospace Machining Companies

Learn how we can engineer components for both commercial and military aircraft.

NMG Aerospace is one of the leading aerospace manufacturing companies supporting Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers. We pride ourselves on having the flexibility and responsiveness of a smaller manufacturer that still offers the design, engineering, testing, and qualification services on the same level as even the largest aerospace industry providers. As a result, we can fulfill the requirements of virtually any project while meeting and exceeding quality and performance standards.

At NMG Aerospace, there is a constant focus on improving our technology, equipment and manufacturing processes, as well as on improving the depth and breadth of our team member’s expertise.

We are also innovators at heart, applying the latest technology and quality improvements at every stage of engineering and production. You can depend on NMG’s 50+ years of experience in aerospace manufacturing to deliver the products that meet the standards of leading international defense and aviation organizations.

NMG offers the following manufacturing capabilities:

Assembly and Test (including Electro-Mechanical)


Pneumatic Tool Repair

Precision Machining

Product Design, Development and Validation

MRO Capabilities: Repair Station

Tube Bending

Value Added Services

NADCAP Welding

NADCAP Brazing

NADCAP Pickle/Passivate

NADCAP Shot Peen

NADCAP Anodize

Supply Chain Management

NADCAP Painting

Precision Aerospace Machining

NMG offers unparalleled versatility in the machining of aerospace components. With 400,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities houses we maintain more than 40 state-of-the-art machining centers, mills and lathes for the precision machining of critical aerospace components.

NMG machines key components for many aircraft systems including:

Landing Gear

Potable Water and Waste Tanks

Aircraft Steering

Slide Evacuation



Complementing our extensive machining capabilities, NMG’s extensive design, fabrication, and assembly capabilities allow us to produce a broad selection of aerospace-grade motor-operated valves, hydraulic valves, solenoids, relays and many more complex aircraft and industrial components.

Aerospace Engineering & Design

Complementing our state-of-the-art facilities, NMG’s established engineering and design capabilities bring our offering full circle from concept to delivered product.   Not only do we develop our own proprietary products in support of end-user needs but we also support our customer’s design and engineering needs for delivering larger, integrated systems to the end-user.  Whether the requirement is to modify an existing design, or, create a new design to meet a particular need or specification, NMG has the capability to meet our customer’s unique requirements.

A subset of our engineering and design capabilities, NMG has extensive FAA qualification experience, as well as broad prototyping and testing capabilities to support both internal requirements as well as customer specified needs ranging from certification support to full product qualification.

NADCAP Welding

NMG Aerospace leads the industry in NADCAP welding. We provide NADCAP certified TIG welding of pressurized vessels, rigid tubes and Stainless Steel tanks for water systems on aircraft per AWS D17.1. We design and build welded components to your specifications working closely with tier 1 customers to develop a design that performs optimally for their application.

Our team of skilled tradesmen offers an unparalleled ability to weld lightweight, thin-wall (0.030”) titanium and stainless steel commonly used in aircraft water and waste tanks. We have over 25 years of experience with pressurized welded tank applications and tooling as well as fixture design to maintain tolerances, control shrinkage, and minimize warpage.

Additionally, we offer final assembly, pickling, and passivation (required for potable water), pressure testing, valve testing, and NDT weld inspection. NMG is also certified for NADCAP painting and chemical processing.

Qualification Testing

NMG Aerospace emphasizes accuracy and reliability in its testing and qualification facilities in validating the environmental, structural, and functional performance of the aircraft products we help certify.

NMG Aerospace puts a focus on our qualification testing services, ensuring results are always reliable, accurate, and completed in a timely matter. Make sure your needs are met by contacting NMG today.

Test RTCA-DO-160 Section
Temperature 4
Altitude 4
Temperature Variation 5
Humidity 6
Operation Shock and Crash Safety 7
Vibration 8
Waterproofness 10
Icing 24

MRO Capabilities

NMG Aerospace provides MRO capabilities on a wide range of components flying on today’s military, commercial, and business aircraft.  NMG’s Stow, Ohio facility is approved to repair Accessory (Class 1) & Limited Accessory products. Our Tempe, Arizona location is approved to repair Limited Accessory products as well as Limited Airframe products.

Due in no small part to our more than 20 years of aerospace MRO experience, complimented by our more than 50 years of aerospace component design, development, and production, NMG delivers unparalleled value to our MRO customers. The value we provide in terms of “first time right” repairs, competitive prices, and quick turnaround times helps minimize aircraft support costs and downtime.

Our specific capabilities include:

  • Deicing
  • Electromechanical
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Pack Boards

Contact us today to see how we can help you with our maintenance, repair, or overhaul needs.

Alloyed Titanium Machining

NMG’s exceptional machining capabilities support production of landing gear steering components, like plates and steering sleeves, within the aerospace industry. Our team utilizes processes such as milling, turning, and gun drilling to meet tight tolerance requirements with alloys Ti-6AI-4V and Ti-5553. Our experts understand the importance of machining and deburring specific material grades in order to exceed and redefine the industry standard.

Continuous Improvement

Leader ladder, NMG steps to success

NMG Aerospace is committed to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services in the aerospace industry. To ensure exceptional levels of Cost, Quality, and Delivery, NMG Aerospace has developed a culture of Lean manufacturing and Continuous Improvement.

Our investment begins with providing all team members essential training through our Lean Ladder program.  The program allows us to develop valuable skills and in turn employ Lean tools throughout the organization such as: value stream mapping, problem solving, root cause analysis, Kaizen, 5S and more. These activities, and the engagement of our dedicated team, ensure NMG Aerospace continued success and provide ongoing value to our customers.