How NMG Keeps People Safe With Aviation Safety Solutions


NMG’s Commitment to Aircraft Safety

At NMG Aerospace, safety is part of our DNA. We understand the paramount importance of safety in the aerospace industry and are committed to upholding the highest aviation safety standards for every component we manufacture. NMG is well versed in a wide range of aviation safety regulations and industry standards bodies, including:

  • Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR)
  • The AS 91XX family of standards
  • ASTM
  • Boeing Material Specifications (BMS)
  • Military (MIL) specifications

Our dedication to aviation safety goes above and beyond these aerospace quality standards. NMG proves out each and every one of our processes to ensure that the final product always meets the client’s exact specifications and safety expectations—and we never waver from those proven processes. We understand that consistency leads to quality, and quality leads to safety. We execute every aerospace manufacturing process exactly as planned, with no variability, so our clients can count on consistency every time.

In other words, the only thing more exacting than our clients’ standards are our own.

Contributions to Aircraft and Aerospace Safety


NMG offers nondestructive testing for every aircraft wheel we manufacture, to ensure that each production run performs exactly as designed and can withstand its service environment. Our testing experts know exactly what to look for when assessing each freshly manufactured wheel for quality and safety purposes.


Functional brakes are absolutely critical to aviation safety. The team at NMG has a deep understanding of every component of an aircraft braking assembly, such as brake sleeves, torque tubes, brake discs, and pistons. We know exactly how these elements are supposed to work together and strive to ensure safety by designing and manufacturing each component to withstand the pressures of its environment and perform as desired.

Evacuation Slides

The safe and successful deployment of an aircraft evacuation slide is the product of several critical components, including aspirators, gauges, hoses, and more, functioning exactly as designed, quickly, and at a moment’s notice, even after long-term storage. NMG understands that time is of the essence in an evacuation situation and is dedicated to ensuring safe operation of every component of an evacuation slide assembly.

Aircraft Seating

Well-made aircraft seating can make a meaningful difference in the safety of passengers and crew. NMG has specialized expertise in both precision welding and industry sewing, which we leverage to engineer top-quality crew seats with reliable crash-landing energy absorption technology. World-renowned aircraft platforms, including the CH-47 Chinook and the Sikorsky SH-60 Seahawk, rely on NMG for safe, well-made aircraft seating.


Aircraft packboards house evacuation slides and supporting components aboard the aircraft. A well-made packboard not only protects the slide from damage or jostling, but it must also enable the swift and safe deployment of the slide in an emergency situation. NMG has years of experience manufacturing packboards that support critical aircraft safety systems.

Aerospace Manufacturing & Engineering From NMG

NMG Aerospace understands that design, manufacturing, and engineering are critical to the safety of every aircraft and that every component plays a role in ensuring a safe flight. Our team shares a deep commitment to exceptional quality standards and consistency for every single component we design and manufacture. Our customers can count on us to share and uphold their own expectations when it comes to safety, from the very first moment we begin working together. From design to manufacturing to quality and performance testing, our focus on safety and quality never wavers.

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