How Collaborative Engineering Leads To Quality Aerospace Parts


How Manufacturing Partnerships Are Beneficial

Aerospace manufacturing partnerships offer a wide range of significant benefits and advantages to aircraft manufacturers, tier suppliers, and specialized service providers.

Major aircraft manufacturers who outsource multiple steps to a single partner reap the benefits of greater efficiency. There is no need to coordinate transportation to multiple facilities, no excess risk of supply chain disruptions or delays, and none of the stress associated with coordinating communication and logistics with multiple parties. Some manufacturing partnerships can even incorporate automated ordering mechanisms, cutting down on the administrative hours required to manage the partnership and further increasing efficiency for the aircraft manufacturer.

A truly exceptional manufacturing partner can also offer insight to improve product design and make the manufacturing process easier and less expensive. Experienced aerospace manufacturers can leverage their many years of manufacturing experience to identify opportunities for improvement, greater efficiency, and cost savings.

Collaborations in manufacturing can serve as a failsafe or backup as well. If an aircraft manufacturer experiences a delay or other issue in house, they can quickly outsource production to their aerospace manufacturing partner, minimizing any disruption or slowdown. An aerospace manufacturing partner may also be able to find a timely solution if another supplier failed to complete a project on time or without defects.

How NMG Collaborates With Others

NMG Aerospace is proud to have a rich history of supporting our customers in times of need and developing collaborative partnerships that resulted in streamlined production, cost savings, and reduced administrative headache. Here are several noteworthy examples.

  • NMG spent several years performing subcomponent machining for a major Tier 1 aircraft systems manufacturer for the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II. The manufacturer eventually entrusted NMG with not only machining, but also assembly and testing. NMG has also advised the manufacturer on nearly 200 separate occasions on design refinements that have resulted in better manufacturability, so certain parts became easier and less expensive to produce. NMG has become a vital and trusted partner to this particular manufacturer.
  • A major Tier 1 aircraft systems manufacturer engaged both NMG and a second supplier to make a particular part for a high performance aircraft platform. NMG had the foresight to create a contingency plan in the event that the second supplier was unable to fulfill the contract for the customer. The second supplier did, in fact, suffer a setback, and since NMG already had the raw materials on hand to serve as a backup, we were able to jump into motion immediately and ensure that our customer got what they needed in a timely manner.
  • A major business aircraft manufacturer approached NMG to retrofit an entire fleet to address a failing part designed and manufactured by a previous supplier. NMG has refined the design and the manufacturability of the part, well within the lead time requested by the manufacturer.
  • A major aerospace machining supplier won an orifice support tube manufacturing contract a few years ago, only to discover that the parts are very difficult to reliably produce. The supplier turned to NMG for support and wound up outsourcing the entire project to NMG, who now produces the part for the supplier’s customer on the supplier’s behalf.

Engineering Quality Products With NMG

NMG Aerospace is proud to partner with major aircraft and aerospace manufacturers to support their product development innovation goals and offer critical problem-solving support when things don’t go according to plan. From cost-saving design consulting to flexible manufacturing capabilities and capacity, NMG has a proven track record of making a meaningful difference for our customers. We can offer both subject matter expertise and smooth collaboration to deliver a streamlined experience for our customers, their customers, and the aerospace industry as a whole.

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