Aircraft & Aerospace Motor Actuators

NMG has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of motor actuators and electromechanical actuation components for over 20 years. In fact, we offer multiple generations of actuators with new design innovations with each iteration. Most importantly, we work tirelessly to improve our motor actuators by increasing torque while reducing weight. As a result, our actuator components are uniquely versatile, offering optimal performance in a wide range of applications.

Although our actuators were initially built for water systems, they are now compatible with fuel and hydraulic fluids. With our experience in the development of electromechanical actuation components, we can deliver the ideal solutions for your aerospace applications. In fact, we have been manufacturing complex components to the aerospace industry’s strict standards since 1967. So, you can trust NMG to offer the high-quality parts you need.

NMG is a Leading Developer of Aerospace Motor Actuators

Learn how we can develop motor actuators for commercial and military aircraft.

What are Motor Actuators?

The purpose of a motor actuator is to turn electrical signals into movement or a variety of other physical tasks including pressure or temperature. For aerospace applications, it is crucial for motor actuators to be compact and lightweight while producing high dynamic forces. These components also need to endure the intense conditions of aerospace applications including extreme temperatures and vibrations. Thus, we design our motor actuators to offer exceptional strength and performance.

Innovative Motor Actuator Design

As a leading manufacturer of electromechanical actuation components, we are constantly innovating and improving upon our products. Our motor actuators can support fuel, air, water, and hydraulic fluid, so they are among the most versatile in the industry. In fact, our unique modular design allows for more than 30 configurations to meet your specific requirements with a standard motor drive train. We also offer a variety of motor actuator valve models, which are RTCA/DO-160 qualified.

Gen 1 & Gen 1A Motor Actuators

The first generation of our motor actuators includes vertical motor actuated valves. We design these valves to spec, and they are completely qualified for potable water systems. These motor actuators are also incredibly lightweight given their torque range. They are also available with ½” to ¾” ball valves with the ability to actuate 90° to 180° with a manual override.

With our innovative design strategies, we were also able to further reduce the weight by a full half-pound while keeping the same powerful output for our Gen 1A motor actuators!

Gen 2 Motor Actuators

Our second-generation actuators include horizontal motor actuated valves. In comparison to Gen 1 & 1A, these actuators offer a lower profile with higher torque up to 300+ inch-pounds. Our second-generation motor actuators can also be configured to any position with 360° actuation that can become a driver.

Gen 3 Motor Actuators

We are currently applying our innovative design principles to develop our third generation of motor actuators. Our goal is to make our Gen 3 actuators the most powerful and versatile yet. In fact, these motor actuators will feature diagnostic and prognostic metrics with programmable actuation profiles.

When you choose NMG Aerospace, you will always receive actuation components with the latest advancements in the aerospace industry.

Why Choose NMG Aerospace?

NMG is an entirely privately owned, American company offering superior aerospace component design and manufacturing services with exceptional quality and precision. We offer a wide range of services including aerospace components manufacturing, CNC machining, design, engineering, assembly, inspection, and testing.

Another unique aspect of NMG Aerospace is the continuous improvement of equipment, technology, development processes, and the expertise of our staff. As a result, we are able to distinguish ourselves from other aerospace manufacturers by offering superior product quality and efficient manufacturing with competitive pricing.

Here at NMG, our staff combines unparalleled expertise in aerospace manufacturing from the beginning design stages to final production. So, we can ensure you receive the perfect components for your specific application. You can depend on NMG’s 50+ years of experience to deliver the finest products in the aerospace industry. In fact, our components meet and exceed the high standards of both national and international aviation and defense organizations.

Reliable Customer Service and Quality Assurance

At our manufacturing facility in Stow, Ohio, our resources and industry experience working in tandem to design, develop, and manufacture products for ideal performance in your application. In fact, our expert engineering staff will work with you directly, ensuring we tailor our solutions to your exact quality and performance standards. Furthermore, Stow’s low labor rates and cost of living allow us to offer competitive pricing for all actuation component manufacturing services.

When you choose NMG, you gain access to a wide variety of quality services including product development, design-to-spec, build-to-print, and qualification of every part for their particular aircraft platform. Another advantage of working with NMG is that you receive the flexibility and responsiveness of a smaller company with design, engineering, testing, and qualification capabilities that rival the largest aerospace manufacturers.

Furthermore, NMG Aerospace offers exceptional quality assurance processes. We utilize a proprietary numerical analysis program to inspect the endurance, temperature, and performance of our motor actuators with exceptional accuracy. We developed this program using our immense experience with the design and manufacturing of electromechanical actuation components. So, our customers can trust us to create the ideal actuation components for meeting their specific performance standards.

If you are looking for a proven manufacturer of motor actuators or other electromechanical actuation components, get in touch with NMG Aerospace today!