Aircraft Wheel Design and Manufacturing

The landing gear is one of the most critical systems in any aircraft, ensuring takeoffs and landings are stable and safe. Here at NMG Aerospace, we have been designing, manufacturing, and working in aircraft wheel and tire construction along with landing gear components since 1967. We have supplied countless clients in a diverse range of industries with the landing gear parts they need to keep their aircraft at peak performance.

NMG Aerospace is a leading manufacturer of nose and main aircraft wheels, brake systems, steering kits, and linear actuation components. With our experience in aircraft wheels and tire construction, we can readily fulfill the strict quality standards of the aerospace industry. In fact, we have designed aircraft wheels and landing gear components for commercial airlines, business jets, and even military aircraft. So, you can depend on NMG to deliver high-quality parts that meet your performance and safety requirements.

NMG is a Leading Aircraft Wheel Manufacturer

Learn how we can develop wheels for commercial and military aircraft.

aircraft wheel and tire construction

NMG Aerospace has maintained its leadership among aircraft wheel manufacturers for more than 40 years. Our main wheels, tail wheels, and nose wheels offer the durable construction necessary for handling even the intense applications.

Furthermore, our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create wheels from 6” to 30” in diameter with unparalleled precision and efficiency for high-volume production. As a result, we can more readily manufacture the parts you need while working within your time restraints. Additionally, we offer full-service assembly for bearings, tires, and inflation to streamline the installation process.

In addition to serving as aircraft wheel manufacturers, NMG also developed linear actuators and brake systems. We maintain the same level of rigid quality control and service with these parts as we do with aircraft wheel and tire construction. We understand that when you work with aircraft tire manufacturers, you want parts that will never fail. That’s why NMG has versatile manufacturing, assembly, and testing capabilities with our aerospace wheels, actuators, brake systems, and all other parts. If you are looking for a reputable manufacturer of critical landing gear components, you can depend on NMG Aerospace.

Exceptional Design of Aircraft Wheel and Tire Construction

airplane tireAircraft wheels are subjected to extreme pressures during takeoffs and landings that occur numerous times per day. In fact, wheels and tires endure some of the most intense conditions of any landing gear component.

For example, temperatures go as low as -40°F at maximum altitude and as high as 392°F during touchdown. Rejected takeoffs are also a possibility, forcing the aircraft’s wheels and tires to withstand the full weight of the aircraft at high speeds in addition to high temperatures. So, aircraft wheels and tire construction require precision manufacturing and quality materials to ensure functional performance in these conditions.

Here at NMG, we construct our two-piece aircraft wheels with high-grade magnesium and aluminum alloys. We bolt these two pieces together while leaving a groove near the mating surface, which creates room for an o-ring. The large majority of modern aircraft utilize tubeless rubber tires, so they require an o-ring to seal the rim.

Our aircraft wheels also feature a bead seat area where the tire makes direct contact with the wheel. This is a crucial aspect of aircraft wheel construction, as it will provide support for the tires during the heavy pressure of a touchdown. Therefore, we prestress the bead seat with extreme stress loads during the manufacturing process. As a result, we can directly improve the strength of the area and ensure superior performance.

The following video highlights the extreme conditions aircraft landing gear components, wheels and tires experience both in flight, during takeoff, and landing.

Inboard Half Aircraft Wheel Design

Our aircraft wheel design features an inboard half and an outboard half. However, these parts do not function identically. Both halves offer unique contributions to the performance of the overall wheel assembly.

The inboard wheel half function is to accept and drive the rotors of aircraft brakes mounted on both main wheels. There are several ways to bolt the inner half to the brakes. This is also the most distinguishable feature between the inboard and outboard halves.

When designing the inboard half for high-performance aircraft, we will include one or more thermal plugs. The number of thermal plugs depends on the specific model of aircraft. In situations with intense braking such as rejected takeoff, the tires are exposed to extreme temperatures and pressures, potentially resulting in an exploding of the entire wheel and tire assembly. So, we design the thermal plug cores with alloys with low melting points. As a result, they will melt and cause the tire to deflate before an explosion can occur.

If a tire deflation ever occurs due to the thermal plug failsafe, the deflated tire will require removal and inspection. Nearby wheel assemblies should also be inspected for damages to ensure no other assemblies have been compromised.

Outboard Half Aircraft Wheel Design | Aircraft Wheel Manufacturers

The outboard half of the wheel bolts to the inboard half to finish mounting the wheel onto the tire. This half is slightly less complex but no less important. Our outboard wheel half design features a center boss that accepts a bearing cup and assembly. The outer bearing and end of the axle to prevent contaminants from entering the aircraft wheel and tire construction process.

The outboard wheel half also has a valve stem for quick and easy and inflation and deflation of tubeless tires. As a result, tire maintenance and setup is much simpler and quicker with NMG aircraft wheels.

aircraft wheel and tire construction

Changing a wheel on a Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft

Aircraft Landing Gear Components Manufacturing

NMG Aerospace also specializes in the design and manufacturing of various other landing gear components:

Steering and Brake Systems

Our Machined & Hydraulic Products Division leads the aerospace manufacturing industry in the production of a variety of steering system components, brakes, axle cover sleeves, wheel and brake sleeves, and undercarriage actuation for military aircraft and commercial aircraft. In fact, we offer exceptional responsiveness to changes in client designs and performance requirements. As a result, a variety of distinguished, tier-1 aerospace organizations depend on NMG to manufacture their wheels, steering, and brake systems.

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide a full range of diameters and small to large volumes of aerospace parts. Most notably, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility can ramp up production to meet virtually any deadline. We also offer assembly and testing services. So, you can trust us to deliver the high-quality, defect-free parts you need when you need them.

Actuation Components

NMG is also a leading manufacturer of electromechanical actuation components. We have been developing linear actuators since 2010, offering a comprehensive range of manufacturing, assembly, and testing services for motor actuator valves, hydraulic valves, deicing systems, and solenoids. Most notably, our testing methods can support pressures up to 10,000 psi. As a result, we can produce actuators for a wider range of applications and aircraft than other manufacturers.

NMG Aerospace prioritizes quality and performance in the development of all our aerospace components. Whether aircraft wheels, landing gear, motor actuators, solenoids, or safety systems, you can depend on NMG to deliver the finest components in the industry. If you are looking for a manufacturer of aircraft wheels or other aerospace components, contact NMG Aerospace today!

Why Choose NMG? | Aircraft Tire Manufacturers

NMG Aerospace is a leading aerospace manufacturer supplying customers with landing gear tires, potable water and waste components, evacuation and safety components, and more. Our airplane wheels and precision aerospace parts serve the aerospace and defense industries with quality engineering and design that places our parts above the rest.

The team at NMG understands the level of precision and detail that factors into aircraft tire construction. That’s why we’ve built extensive processes and quality controls in order to create landing wheels that can withstand stress without fail. For over three decades, we have served as leading aircraft tire manufacturers, and we are proud of the reputation we’ve built as gear wheel suppliers.

Whether you have questions about our parts or want to start the conversation about your aerospace part needs, contact our load wheel manufacturers today.