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Aerospace Parts Manufacturing Capabilities

Landing Gear Systems / Evacuation Safety Systems / Potable Water and Waste Tanks / Why Choose NMG

Aerospace Parts MachiningNMG Aerospace is one of the leading aerospace manufacturing companies supporting tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers. We maintain the flexibility and responsiveness of smaller manufacturers while offering design, engineering, testing, and qualification services on the same level as the largest aerospace companies. As a result, we can fulfill the requirements of virtually any project while meeting and exceeding quality and performance standards. If you’re looking for top aerospace parts manufacturers, we can meet your most technical needs.

NMG offers unparalleled versatility in the machining of aerospace parts. Our 400,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facilities houses over 40 state-of-the-art machining centers, mills, and lathes for the precision machining of critical aerospace parts.

Our aerospace manufacturing and design is led by a team of highly skilled engineers who understand the aerospace industry and how to make aerospace parts that will never fail. When it comes to selecting top aircraft parts manufacturers near me, you need to ensure your manufacturer  will provide functionality and longevity. Certain CNC machining aerospace parts may only need to be used in emergency situations, like evacuations. For that reason, it’s imperative that aerospace manufacturing companies make parts that work if they are needed. You can count on NMG for superior precision machined aerospace parts designed to work in high stress environments and perform beyond expectations.

Our extensive aerospace machining experience allows us to produce the majority of the machined components for:

  • Landing Gear Systems
  • Evacuation and Safety Systems
  • Potable Water and Waste Tanks
  • Motor Operated and Hydraulic Valves
  • Solenoids
  • And More!

Landing Gear Systems

aircraft landing gear systems

Our Machined & Hydraulics Products Division provides aerospace machining for a variety of aerospace parts found on military and commercial aircraft. We have immense experience in developing aircraft wheels as well as steering and brake components. NMG also works with the military and multiple prominent aviation organizations, so you can rely on us to deliver the components you need with high quality and performance standards.

Our aircraft parts manufacturing for landing gear systems supply large aerospace companies, including the military, with the top materials and design. When it comes to aircraft landing gear, every part matters, down to the brakes sleeves and torque tubes. Torque tubes attach to the housing piston and into the hole of the brake disc. When they are used, the pistons press the brake discs to the torque tube which then releases heat and absorbs torsional stress. This is one of many precision machined aerospace parts that plays an essential role in preserving the integrity of aircrafts’ landing gear systems. When you want the best in aerospace parts manufacturing companies, choose NMG. 

Our Machined & Hydraulics Products Division manufactures the following products:

  • Aircraft Wheels: Aircraft wheels and tires experience some of the most extreme conditions of any aerospace parts. As part of our cutting-edge aircraft parts manufacturing capabilities, we make aircraft wheels that can withstand even the toughest conditions. Our standard, two-piece wheels are forged with high-grade aluminum or magnesium alloys, and are built for strength, high-intensity stress, and longevity.
  • Linear Actuators: Linear actuators are the most common type of actuator that turn the control signal and energy into motion. Linear actuators are an essential part of engaging and retracting landing gear on airplanes, as well as activating airplane flaps for controlling the plane mid-flight. As a result, NMG uses our years of experience in aerospace manufacturing to create linear actuators used for a variety of applications.
  • Nose Wheel Steering Kits: Our nose wheel steering kits are built with exceptional durability and performance, regardless of the application. We can develop wheels ranging from 6″ to 30″ in diameter, from low to high-volume production runs. If you need aerospace parts manufacturing companies that can handle complexities, NMG is up for the challenge.
  • Axle and Brake Sleeves: Our axle and brake sleeves are used for military and commercial aircrafts, to provide a safe and detailed part that companies rely on. We offer the unique ability to have quick responses to changes in our customers’ design and manufacturing requirements, which makes us a leading American aircraft parts manufacturing company that tier- 1 aerospace companies rely on.
  • Torque Tubes: Torque tubes release heat and absorb stress from brake discs, which means they are essential to aircraft safety. As always, NMG’s team of aerospace engineers designs these tubes to function under high stress applications.
  • Back Plates: NMG designs our back plates for safety and reliability in high-stress aerospace applications. If you have specific needs and requirements, talk to our team. We are eager to tackle challenges within aerospace manufacturing and design.
  • Rotor Brakes: Rotor brakes are mounted on aircraft wheels in order to prevent rotation of the rotor. This hydraulically operated braking device is essential for safe braking, and is built using a brake disc, two pistons, and friction surfaces. For high quality and high-functioning rotor brakes, you can count on NMG.

We are also certified to surface roll forgings for all tier-1 suppliers.

Military and Aircraft Wheels

NMG Aerospace has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of military and aircraft wheels for over forty years. We manufacture many types of wheels for commercial aircraft and military applications including main wheels, tail wheels, and note wheels. NMG manufactures wheels ranging from 6” to 30” in diameter at low to high volumes. We also offer complete assembly services for tires, bearings, and inflation.

We are among the top aerospace parts manufacturers in USA thanks to our trusted processes and commitment to precision and quality control. We are here to meet the demands of our customers in all realms of aerospace manufacturing and design, because we understand the importance of creating aerospace parts our clients know they can trust. Our work is guided by principles of integrity, detail, and commitment to success. We are proud to serve as a top American aircraft parts manufacturing company.

Military and Aircraft Steering and Brake Components

Our Machined & Hydraulics Products Division manufactures military and aircraft steering components, brakes, wheel and brake sleeves, axel cover sleeves, and undercarriage actuation in addition to our assembly and testing services. Various tier-1 aerospace manufacturers choose NMG as their main supplier of aircraft wheels, steering, and brake components due to our unique ability to respond quickly while offering versatility in both design and manufacturing.

We also offer a wider range of diameters and provide small to large lots of machined components with the added ability to quickly ramp up production when necessary. NMG is the premier manufacturer of aerospace parts.

Evacuation and Safety Systems

The NMG Aviation Products Division is a leading manufacturer and supplier of aerospace parts and safety systems. We produce a wide range of products and services to meet the needs and performance standards of the aviation industry. NMG has a 50+ year history of working with the military, aerospace companies, and tier 1 suppliers, so you can depend on our experience, quality, and performance.

Our Aviation Products Division manufactures the following products:

  • PackBoard Assemblies: Aircraft PackBoards provide support for the safety of passengers. NMG designs PackBoards with sheet metal fabrication, welding and brazing, machining, assembly, and functional testing. Our PackBoards represent cutting-edge aerospace manufacturing and design.
  • Gauges: We offer a variety of pneumatic gauge solutions. Our gauge design provides customers with accurate pressure readings that ensure safety standards are met. In addition to our off-the-shelf gauges, our design team can even create gauges from a clean sheet. Our gauge design demonstrates what makes us a leader in aircraft parts manufacturing.
  • Hoses: Our hoses are designed for reliable deployment when using commercial evacuation slides. Because precision machined aerospace parts often need to withstand extreme temperatures and weather, we design our hoses to work no matter the conditions.
  • Aspirators: Our aspirators are designed for evacuation slide systems, to inflate slides as fast and possible and ensure quick and safe evacuation. Our aspirators consist of lightweight fluid flow that delivers a high ratio of secondary flow to primary flow from the stored gas system. Our fast and effective aspirators position us among reliable aerospace parts manufacturing companies.
  • Pressure Regulators: Our mechanical pressure regulators supply regulated gas flow to ensure inflation of the evacuation system in case of emergency. We also design internal seals that maintain proper inflation of the stored gas cylinder between a 3-5 year cycle, so you can rely on our pressure regulators for years. This long-term reliability is part of our commitment as a top aerospace parts manufacturing company.
  • Aircraft Seating: NMG Aerospace assembles pilot and crew aircraft seating that pairs our precision welding expertise with our sewing capabilities. As a result, our seating is functional, adjustable, and has crash-landing energy absorption technology in case of emergency.

We also offer DLA (Defense Logistics Agency) and PMA (Parts Manufacturer Approval) replacement parts for both the aerospace industry and the military.

The Engineered Products Division of NMG Aerospace provides a full range of services including product development for both design to spec and build to print component types and full qualification for each part’s specific aircraft platform. We combine the flexibility and responsiveness of a smaller manufacturer with the precision design, engineering, testing, and qualification services of larger aerospace manufacturers to offer superior value to all our clients.

Potable Water and Waste Tanks

NMG Aerospace offers the unique ability to design and manufacture thin wall reservoirs for the potable market and waste products. Our potable water and waste tanks contain titanium and stainless steel for superior durability. We have also developed our own proprietary hot forming process to further improve the structural integrity of our products.

With our immense industry experience, NMG has the ability to support anyone who needs assistance from commercial industries to the military. Each product receives comprehensive qualification testing to DO-160 including leak and pressure testing, ensuring optimal performance for every tank.

Lavatory Galley Water Heaters

In addition to our potable water and waste systems, NMG is a supplier of lavatory water heater system components. We produce 5-6 thousand water heaters for our customers with design to spec and design to print services. Our experience with lavatory water heater component manufacturing allows us to custom design water heaters. As a result, NMG can meet the needs of any customer regardless of the application.

Electromotive Inc. Aerospace Solenoids | Valves & Actuators

Electromotive Inc. has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality, custom solenoid valves, and actuators since 1972. In 2016, Electromotive Inc. was purchased by NMG Aerospace. NMG and Electromotive combine many years of experience in the design and manufacturing of aerospace components to create solenoid valves and actuators with superior longevity and durability.

Our solenoid components are capable of withstanding the harsh conditions of applications involving extreme temperatures, high levels of vibration, and other environmental factors. We specialize in the custom design of solenoids in a wide range of sizes, configurations, and performance requirements for various applications.

Why Choose NMG Aerospace?

NMG Aerospace is a privately-owned aerospace company offering engineering, design, and manufacturing services. As a mid-sized, independent company, we are able to maintain low overhead and, thus, offer highly competitive pricing.

Our relatively smaller size allows us to react quickly to changes in customer requirements and easily scale up production. We have the same experience, equipment, and full range of services as the large manufacturers but with the added flexibility to respond to customer requests quickly.

At NMG Aerospace, there is a continuous focus on improving our technology, equipment, and manufacturing processes as well as the experience, training, and expertise of our team members. We are innovators, applying the latest technology and quality improvements at every stage of engineering and production. You can depend on NMG’s 50+ years of experience in aerospace manufacturing to deliver the products that meet the standards of leading international defense and aviation organizations.