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The development of aircraft components is among the most advanced and precise forms of manufacturing of any industry. The construction of every aircraft must be as meticulous as possible in order to ensure optimal performance as well as the safety of operators, passengers, and cargo. From nuts and bolts to engine assemblies, every component makes significant contributions to an aircraft’s functionality. If one part is not working properly, it affects everything surrounding it.

Here at NMG, our aerospace machine shop combines the finest manufacturing technologies with the expertise of certified engineers to produce the ideal components for any application. Quality, precision, and efficiency are central to our design and manufacturing processes, so we can ensure each part performs at its best while maintaining high production rates and lower overall costs.

NMG is equipped for precision machining, engineering, design, and NADCAP welding while pushing for further innovation and investing in the skillsets of our staff, so we are the ideal partner in any aerospace manufacturing project.

When comparing aerospace machine shops in Ohio, NMG positions itself above the competition. Our aerospace machine shop has global reach thanks to our expertise in design, precision machining, kitting, manufacturing and assembly, and more. We are a family-owned aerospace CNC machine shop that has worked to create growth opportunities for our customers and employees, while utilizing the latest in aerospace technology. In addition to our Ohio location, we also have a location in Tempe, Arizona, near aerospace machine shops Phoenix AZ. When it comes to connecting with a global leader in aerospace manufacturing, choose NMG as a top aerospace parts machine shop.

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NMG is One of America’s Leading Aerospace Machine Shops

Learn how we can develop complex components for commercial and military aircraft.

NMG Aerospace currently occupies 400,000 square feet of facility space, operating more than 40 machining centers, mills, and lathes with the industry’s most advanced equipment. This allows us to create a full range of aerospace components and offer some of the most versatile design and manufacturing services on the market. Our facility and capabilities help us stand out as one of the best aerospace machine shops near me.

Some of our aerospace component specialties include the following:

  • Landing Gear and Aircraft Wheels
  • Potable Water and Waste Tanks
  • Aircraft Steering
  • Evacuation Systems
  • Seating
  • And More!

We also offer extensive fabrication and assembly services, which enable us to manufacture several forms of actuation systems including motor actuators, solenoid, hydraulic valves, and relays for both commercial and military aircraft.

Learn more about our aerospace components manufacturing capabilities.

Adaptive Engineering & Design

Engineering and design is another NMG specialty. In combination with our machining abilities, these capabilities allow us to offer full-service component manufacturing from early design stages to final production. We offer a comprehensive selection of proprietary products for nearly any application, but we can also custom engineer solutions to meet client-specific requirements and deliver fully realized integrated systems. Our staff can work with existing designs or even develop a new design from scratch, so we can satisfy your unique aerospace needs and ensure optimal performance.

Since our founding, NMG Aerospace has distinguished itself as a leading aerospace CNC machine shop. We offer experience with FAA qualification, prototyping, and testing. This allows us to maintain higher levels of quality internally while providing everything from certification support to complete product qualification for our clients. Since our beginnings as one of the top aerospace machine shops in Ohio, we have touched almost every aircraft platform. We have a proven track record of over 10,000 unique components for over 50 platforms, positioning ourselves as a top aerospace machine shop. Our ability to deliver superior quality, competitive pricing, and efficient manufacturing is unmatched among aerospace machine shops near me.

Superior Structural Integrity with NADCAP Welding

NMG’s aerospace machine shop is an industry leader for NADCAP welding. Our NADCAP-certified TIG welding capabilities allow us to create pressurized vessels, rigid tubes, and stainless steel tanks for potable water and waste systems. Our team of welders can weld lightweight, thin-wall (0.030”) titanium and stainless steel with ease. Many Tier 1 aerospace customers depend on NMG to design and build welded parts to meet strict specifications.

NMG Aerospace offers more than 25 years of experience with the development of welded pressurized tanks as well as tooling and fixture design. This allows us to maintain close tolerances while controlling shrinkage and minimizing warpage for water systems in any type of aircraft. We also offer final assembly, pressure testing, valve testing, pickling and passivation, and NDT welding inspection. We’re even NADCAP-certified for both painting and chemical processing.

Steel Potable Water Tank from NMG's aerospace machine shop

Leading the Charge for Innovation

In order to maintain the highest levels of quality for our products and services, we maintain a constant focus on innovation. We are always looking for ways to improve our design, engineering, and manufacturing processes to increase quality, reduce costs, and offer more timely delivery. However, innovation does not start with buying a new piece of equipment. Innovation starts with investing in our team members.

At our aerospace machine shop, we create components for some of the most technologically advanced pieces of machinery in the world. From jumbo jets to rocket ships, we work to develop parts that offer exceptional performance in any environment. Without our team members, none of this would be possible. They do the necessary work for getting aircraft off the ground and into the skies.

Here at NMG, we provide our staff with the training they need through our Lead Ladder program. Our program gives our team members the skills they need to meet the ever-changing demands of the aerospace industry. Skills like problem-solving, root-cause analysis, value stream mapping, and more allow our team to collaboratively work towards a better future for us and our customers.

Why Choose NMG’s Aerospace Machine Shop?

NMG aerospace machine shop logoIf you need someone to design and manufacture complex aerospace components, NMG’s aerospace machine shop is your best resource. NMG is an American-owned and operated manufacturer with extensive experience in design, engineering, CNC machining, assembly, and testing for a full range of aerospace components and systems. Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to not only offer the highest quality product but also the quickest production and lowest prices.

When it comes to searching for aerospace machine shops Phoenix AZ, or aerospace machine shops in Ohio, there are dozens of options available. So how does NMG set itself apart from competing aerospace machine shops near me? The strength of our manufacturing and design comes in our commitment to innovation no matter the part, complexity, or project size. The engineers in our aerospace CNC machine shop work hard as innovators and problem solvers who are ready to help our customers develop enhanced product solutions, solve problems, lower part costs, and more. As a leading aerospace parts machine shop, that is our commitment to our customers.

We develop component solutions for distinguished clients all across the industry. In fact, both national and international aviation and defense agencies depend on our aerospace machine shop to create the components they need. So, you can depend on our 50+ years of experience to create the ideal aerospace solutions for your project. Contact us today, and we will be ready to answer any questions you have about our products and manufacturing services.