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Aerospace components are only effective when they can withstand the stresses of flight. Count on NMG Aerospace for customizations that stand up to the extremes and reach out to the team today to learn more.

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Evacuation and Safety Components

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For more than three decades, teams from across the aerospace industry have counted on NMG Aerospace for premier aviation safety systems. Above all, our team prioritizes performance and quality. We take pride in offering a diverse range of gauges, aspirators, pressure regulators, aircraft seating, hoses and packboard assemblies to our customers.

As a high-pressure pneumatic supplier, our team distinguishes itself from competitors by delivering more than 20,000 gauges each year. When you need reliable parts for inflation systems, then you and your colleagues can feel confident in counting on NMG Aerospace.

Customers also look to the NMG Aerospace team for top-quality hose design for the reliable deployment of commercial evacuation slides. Whether your application involves extreme temperatures or intense levels of pressure, you can count on NMG Aerospace to provide your ideal solution. When easy storage and precise deployment are at stake, NMG Aerospace hoses deliver.

Potable Water and Waste Components

The line of quality electromechanical actuation products from NMG Aerospace includes motor and solenoid-actuated valves for reliable supplementation of both deicing and potable water applications. Customers trust these products to reduce weight and maximize actuation torque to facilitate the proper function of air, hydraulic and fuel systems.

The NMG Aerospace team has the resources and drive to help customers reach nearly any project goal. Specifically, you and your team can partner with our team for premier customization of more than 30 distinct configurations of motor-operated valves. When planning to invest in aviation potable water systems, customers count on us for precise dimensions and NSF 61-compliant solutions.

Have you and your team been planning to implement new pressurized or non-pressurized tanks? Count on NMG Aerospace for leading design, welding and tooling capabilities.

The NMG Aerospace team also customizes durable lavatory water heater system components that meet customers’ most stringent requirements.

Landing Gear Components

aerospace components landing gearSafe landings require both durable and reliable components. Teams look to the professionals from NMG Aerospace for high-quality main wheels, tall wheels, nose wheels, linear actuation components, steering kits and brake parts. Whether you and your team need reliable parts for business jet travel, military applications or commercial flight, you can depend on NMG Aerospace for the right landing gear components for the job.

NMG Aerospace carries wheels to suit nearly any application. Specifically, our customers count on us for pieces of high and low volumes and that range from between 6” and 30” in diameter. We also offer full assembly capabilities for bearings, tires and inflation.

When it comes to finding the right linear actuators and actuator components for your application, NMG Aerospace is the ideal collaborator for you and your team. Rely on NMG Aerospace for exceptional testing, assembly and manufacturing services. In fact, customers depend on our testing services to support requirements up to 10,000 psi. This flexibility allows us to manufacture linear actuators that helps teams reach their goals.

When your project requires reliable integrated wheel key shaping, shot peening, surface rolling, anodizing, or painting, NMG Aerospace is the resource for you.

Electromechanical Actuation Components

aerospace components solenoidIn acquiring Electromotive Incorporated in 2016, the NMG Aerospace manufacturing team gained the resources to offer top-quality manufacturing design of both aerospace solenoids and aerospace solenoid valves, among other aerospace electromechanical actuation components.

NMG Aerospace is a go-to resource for the design, testing, engineering and qualification of deicing systems. Count on our electromechanical actuation experts for durable high-temperature pressure regulation valves, isolation valves, relief valves, and distribution valves.

The NMG Aerospace team takes a modular approach to the design of motor-operated valves. Using a common motor drive train, we can meet nearly any goal for the customer. All NMG Aerospace valves are qualified to RTCA/DO-160.

First-generation vertical motor actuated valves are light in weight and potable water system-qualified. Ball valves on these pieces range from ½” to ¾”. With a manual override, these ball valves can actuate from 90 to 180 degrees. Generation 1a valves, however, are lighter than first-generation pieces by more than half a pound.

Our second-generation motor actuators include low-profile, horizontal pieces. These actuators maximize torque, offering 300-inch pounds or more. They are also compatible with any position with 360-degree actuation that can act as a drive.

The team is in the process of developing our third-generation motor actuators. These pieces will offer both prognostic and diagnostic metrics and will allow for the programming of actuation profiles.

Depending on your project goal and other factors, our manufacturing team can produce solenoids with diameters that range from ¼” to 10” and lengths that range from ½” to 12”.

Aerospace components are an NMG specialty. Whether solenoids, deicing valves, or motor actuators, we can design the high-quality parts you need for your application. NMG Aerospace has been developing actuation components for aircraft for more than 20 years, and we offer multiple generations of motor actuators to suit the unique needs of our clients.