Applications of Aerospace Machining

NMG Aerospace is a leader among aerospace companies across the country. Our reputation has been built on exceptional aerospace and defense manufacturing and engineering. Every day, we strive to develop, build, and deliver the best aerospace components to our industry partners. Our success comes from our elevation of the standards of aerospace manufacturing. NMG Aerospace has worked with almost every aircraft platform, producing over 10,000 unique components for over 50 platforms.

In an industry where quality, consistency, reliability, and performance are critical, we products that will perform accurately every time. Some of the aerospace components that we routinely manufacture include:

  • Aircraft Wheels

  • Aerospace Solenoid Valves

  • Motor-Operated Aircraft Valves

  • Airplane Landing Gear

  • Aircraft Potable Water System Components

  • Aircraft Actuators

  • Aircraft Gauges

  • Helicopter Wheels

NMG Aerospace is a trusted aerospace manufacturing partner that provides essential services such as aerospace manufacturing, aerospace CNC machining, engineering, and design. We use our industry expertise and innovation to be a top competitor among aerospace companies while serving our clients. Below, you will find more about the capabilities and products we offer.

Aerospace Capabilities | The Best Aerospace Companies

As one of America’s leading aerospace companies, NMG Aerospace prides ourselves son our flexibility. Although we are a relatively small manufacturer, we offer the highest quality design, engineering, and testing. We offer nearly 15 manufacturing capabilities to meet our partners’ exact aerospace needs, including

Precision Aerospace Manufacturing

To be considered among the best aerospace companies, the best facility and equipment are required. Within our 400,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, we house more than 40 state-of-the-art machining centers, mills, and lathes for precision machining. NMG Aerospacemanufactures key components for aircraft systems including:

  • Landing Gear

  • Potable Water and Waste Tanks

  • Aircraft Steering

  • Slide Evacuation

  • Seating

  • Nacelle

Our fabrication and assembly capabilities allow us to produce a wide range of aerospace-grade motor-operated valves, hydraulic valves, solenoids, relays, and other complex components using precision aerospace machining.

Aerospace Engineering and Design

Our engineering and design capabilities ensure that each unique aerospace component is delivered from concept to completion efficiently and effectively. At NMG Aerospace, we develop our own proprietary products in support of end-users, as well as our customer’s design and engineering specifications. We have the latest technology to modify existing designs or to create an entirely new design. Our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) qualification signifies we have the ability to support both internal requirements as well as customer design requirements.

Product Components

Aircraft are among some of the most advanced forms of travel used by people around the globe. Every aircraft must perform at peak performance every time to ensure the safety of everyone onboard. To meet these important standards, even the smallest parts of the aircraft must be manufactured with precision. We use an innovative approach to design and manufacture a wide variety of aerospace components including landing gear, evacuation & safety, actuation, potable water systems, or industrial hardware.

Landing Gear

Departure and landing are the most routine and also the most important parts of a functioning aircraft, which makes landing gear a critical component for safety. NMG Aerospace has designed and manufactured high-quality aircraft wheels and landing gear components since1967. Our expertise gives us the tools required to develop safe and functional landing gear systems. Our manufactured landing gear components include steering kits, linear actuators, main & nose aircraft wheels, and brake system parts for commercial airlines, business jets, and even military aircraft. We are a leader among aerospace companies for our precise and reliable aerospace components.

Evacuation and Safety Components

The landing gear is not the only aircraft component that is responsible for safety. Other safety components include evacuation and safety. Part of our manufactured safety components include OEM Tier 1 level evacuation slide components. Our inflation system includes hoses, aspirators, gauges, and packboard assemblies. We provide approximately 20,000 gauges or more yearly.

In addition to landing gear and departure safety components, NMG also manufactures aircraft seating. We design aircraft seating for both comfort and safety, as the seat is a crucial flotation device in the event of an emergency water landing. Safety and quality are our main focuses atNMG Aerospace, making us an industry leader among other aerospace companies

Why Choose NMG Aerospace?

Everything we do at NMG Aerospace revolves around safety and quality. High-quality products, service, and reputation are at the center of our daily operations. We are a 100% privately owned company that offers world-class aerospace manufacturing and design services. Our aerospace products and capabilities establish us as a leader in the aerospace manufacturing industry. We use our industry experience and innovative approach to provide customers with the highest quality and safest aerospace products. If you need an aerospace partner to rely on, choose NMG Aerospace and contact us today.