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Aerospace components manufacturing is a uniquely involved process requiring the expertise of the best and brightest engineers. Aircraft are among the most advanced forms of transportation, and to reach acceptable levels of performance, their construction must be precise and secure. Even the smallest pieces and parts play significant roles in the overall functioning of an aircraft. If one thing is out of place or performing improperly, the safety of passengers and operators is at stake.

Here at NMG Aerospace, we employ an innovative approach to the design and manufacturing of a full range of aerospace components. We put a focus on maintaining high levels of quality of precision at each stage of the design and manufacturing process. This not only helps us ensure that our parts perform optimally but also assists in minimizing production costs. Whether landing gear, evacuation & safety, actuation, potable water systems, or hardware, NMG is equipped to develop any parts you need for any aerospace application.

NMG is One of America’s Leading Aerospace Components Manufacturers

Learn how we can develop critical components for commercial and military aircraft.

Aircraft Wheel from an American aerospace components manufacturers

Landing Gear Components

Takeoffs and landings are the most routine part of a functioning aircraft, making landing gear a critical component of optimal operation. NMG Aerospace has been designing and manufacturing aircraft wheels and landing gear components since 1967. With our experience, we have the tools necessary for developing and reinforcing safe and functional landing gear systems.

We are a leading manufacturer of steering kits, linear actuators, main & nose aircraft wheels, and brake system parts for commercial airlines, business jets, and even military aircraft. Takeoffs and landings generate extremely high pressures and temperatures, so we design landing gear components to withstand these conditions without the risk of mechanical failure. This brings maintenance needs to a minimum while ensuring the safety of operators, passengers, and cargo during lift-off and landing.

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safety components from American aerospace components manufacturers

Evacuation & Safety Components

Landing gear is not the only aspect of aircraft responsible for safety. We manufacture a wide variety of aerospace components that make aircraft as safe as possible. With 30 years of experience, NMG Aerospace is a leading provider of OEM Tier 1 level evacuation slide components. Our inflation system components include hoses, aspirators, gauges, and packboard assemblies. We deliver 20,000 gauges or more on an annual basis, so you can trust us as your high-pressure pneumatic system supplier.

We also manufacture aircraft seating for various commercial airlines. Not only are these designed for the comfort of the passenger, but they are a crucial flotation device in the event of the aircraft meeting water. With NMG, aircraft operators and passengers can rest assured that they are safe during their flight.

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Deicing Actuator Valve from an American aerospace components manufacturers

Electromechanical Actuation

Actuation is an NMG Aerospace specialty. We have been a leading innovator in the design and manufacturing of electromechanical actuation components for more than 20 years, offering motor actuators, hydraulic valves, solenoids, and deicing system components.

Our motor actuator design has become progressively more advanced over the years, and with each generation, we have significantly increased torque and reduced weight for maximum efficiency. These actuators were originally designed for potable water systems, but they have been adjusted for compatibility with fuel and hydraulic fluids.

NMG is also a leading provider of solenoid valve components. In 2016, we acquired Electromotive Inc., an organization that has been producing solenoids since 1972. Combining our experience in the design of solenoids and aerospace components allows us to create solenoids and actuators with superior performance.

Deicing valves are another important part of any functional aircraft. During flight in the colder seasons, an aircraft’s exterior is exposed to extremely low temperatures. Without deicing systems, components could potentially freeze and cause serious mechanical failures. Here at NMG, we manufacture various forms of hardware such as high-temperature pressure regulation valves, isolation valves, relief valves, and distribution valves to ensure aircraft deicing systems operate reliably.

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Potable Water Tank from American aerospace components manufacturers

Potable Water & Waste Components

Our actuation components are also an integral part of potable water and waste systems. Our multi-generational motor actuators allow us to customize more than 30 separate valve configurations. This means we can work within the architectural needs of virtually any aircraft.

We have been developing both pressurized and non-pressurized tanks for more than 20 years. With our exceptional welding capabilities, we distinguish ourselves from other aerospace component manufacturers by emphasizing performance, stability, and structural integrity for all potable water systems.

NMG also manufactures lavatory water heating system components, with the ability to produce more than five thousand water heaters. We can design these systems to your exact specifications, ensuring they operate perfectly with any given aircraft.

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industrial hardware from American aerospace components manufacturers

Industrial Hardware From Aerospace Components Manufacturers

To construct a reliable aircraft, you need the right set of tools. NMG Aerospace’s Industrial Products Division highlights our versatility in aerospace machining. We can manufacture a full range of hand tools specifically for aircraft construction and maintenance as well as specialized custom solutions. NMG also employs the most current technology in industrial hardware manufacturing, ensuring our customers receive the best possible solutions for their application.

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Military Parts

As a military parts manufacturer, NMG Aerospace can manufacture precision parts and components that are of a quality high enough to meet military standards. All of the components delineated on this page can be used on the following aircraft:

  • F-15
  • F-16
  • F-18
  • F-35
  • B-52
  • C-130
  • AH-64
  • CH-47
  • V-22
  • C-5

The standards and performance requirements the military requires necessitate an experienced and capable manufacturer that can meet and exceed all timelines and expectations. NMG is the manufacturer best suited for that mission. With every project NMG works on, we bring over 50 years of experience to the table. Our longevity and expertise are unmatched.

Why Choose NMG Aerospace?

When you choose NMG Aerospace, you get to partner with a privately-owned, American manufacturer of the industry’s finest aerospace components. We offer unparalleled expertise in CNC machining, design, engineering, assembly, and testing, so we can readily ensure our customers receive the ideal parts for their aircraft.

Innovation is a core aspect of our operation. We value continuous improvement in regards to developmental processes, equipment, technologies, and even the skillsets of our staff. This allows us to set ourselves apart from competing aerospace components manufacturers with high-quality components, efficient manufacturing, and competitive pricing. Our parts meet even the strictest standards of national and international aviation and defense entities, so you can depend on our 50+ years of experience to deliver the parts you need when you need them.