Choosing the Top Aerospace Companies

The airplane is one of the most advanced forms of transportation on the planet. It has the ability to cross oceans and continents in a matter of hours, but to achieve this, the components and systems involved need to be in perfect working order. From nuts and bolts to complete landing gear systems, aerospace companies need to meet the highest standards for quality and performance.

Here at NMG, we understand that constructing an aircraft requires exceptional precision and quality control to ensure the safety of everyone on board. We use the industry’s most advanced technologies to develop aerospace components for a wide variety of commercial airlines and military aircraft.

In fact, we operate a 200,000 square foot manufacturing facility with 40 machining centers, mills, and lathes to meet the requirements of the aerospace industry. Our design and engineering capabilities allow us to produce a wide range of components. We are among top aerospace companies in Ohio and around the world, and we pride ourselves on our commitment to precision and accuracy. Our parts are engineered for safety, reliability, and longevity. We understand the demands of aerospace applications, and the absolute need to have parts that won’t fail when they are needed. Work with the top aerospace companies near me when you choose NMG.

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NMG is One of America’s Leading Aerospace Companies Near Me

Learn how we can develop critical components for commercial and military aircraft as one of the top aerospace parts manufacturing companies.

Landing Gear

Every successful flight begins with a takeoff and ends with a landing, and without functional landing gear, flight would not be possible. Each takeoff and landing applies extreme amounts of heat and pressure, so these components need to be able to withstand harsh conditions without causing mechanical failures. That’s why only top aerospace engineering companies can create landing gear and parts that withstand these intensive applications.

As one of America’s leading aerospace companies, NMG has been manufacturing aircraft wheels and other landing gear parts for over 50 years. Some of our landing gear components include steering kits, linear actuators, main & nose aircraft wheels, and brake systems. With advanced CNC machining equipment and expert staff, we develop high-quality parts that ensure landing gear systems are operational and safe. As one of the top aerospace companies in Ohio, we are the go-to source for manufacturing functional landing gear that ensures aircraft landing is as safe as possible.

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Evacuation & Safety

While landing gear keeps people safe during takeoffs and landings, there are several other systems that are necessary to meet aerospace safety standards. We are a leading manufacturer of OEM Tier 1 level evacuation slide parts. Our inflation system parts include hoses, gauges, aspirators, and packboard assemblies. NMG delivers more than 20,000 gauges to numerous organizations on a yearly basis, so you can depend on NMG as your pneumatic systems supplier. Our decades of experience have established us as a top manufacturer of evacuation systems and one of the leading aerospace and defence companies.

In addition to slide inflation, we manufacture aircraft seating for several commercial airlines. Here at NMG, we understand that seating systems play a critical role in keeping pilots, flight attendants, and passengers safe. These seats are not only designed for the comfort of each passenger, but they also function as a flotation device in the event of an emergency landing on water. We tailor these components to the needs of each airline, so they always perform properly even in emergency situations. That’s our promise to our customers as one of the leading aerospace companies near me.

Potable Water Systems

NMG is a leading provider of aircraft potable water and waste systems. We have created pressurized and non-pressurized tanks for a variety of different aircraft. With our expert welding capabilities, we can offer potable water systems with superior structural integrity and stability.

We also manufacture lavatory water heating system components, and we can customize these solutions for more than five thousand water heaters. Whatever your specifications may be, we will ensure it is the perfect fit for your aircraft.  As one of the top aerospace defense companies, we are eager and able to tailor custom solutions for potable water as waste systems.

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Actuation Components

Actuation components are an NMG specialty, and we distinguish ourselves from other aerospace engineering companies by making consistent innovations for these systems. We offer a variety of motor actuators, hydraulic valves, solenoids, and deicing components.

NMG motor actuators have become incredibly advanced over time, and with every new generation, we have been able to increase torque and reduce weight to improve efficiency. Although we originally designed these actuators for water systems, they have been reworked for full compatibility with hydraulic fluids and fuels.

Our deicing valves are yet another critical component for aircraft safety. At maximum altitude, an aircraft encounters extremely low temperatures, especially during colder seasons. Deicing systems prevent components from freezing, which could cause dangerous mechanical failures. Our pressure regulation valves, isolation valves, relief valves, and distribution valves ensure these systems are operating properly. We are among leading aerospace parts manufacturing companies able to provide custom, long lasting solutions and parts.

Our Capabilities

Engineering & Design

We combine our engineering and design expertise with our high-precision machining to provide full-service component fabrication services. Our team will work with you from the early design stages all the way to the final product. NMG employs a team of expert designers who can work with existing part design or create a new design based on your requirements.

We also offer FAA qualification, prototyping, and testing services. This allows us to offer the highest quality on the market, provide certification support, and perform complete product qualification for every client. The level of quality customers get when working with top aerospace companies near me is unmatched.

NADCAP Welding

NMG is one of the leading aerospace companies in NADCAP welding. We have NADCAP certification for TIG welding, so we can produce pressurized vessels, rigid tubes, and stainless steel tanks for potable water systems. NMG’s team of welders can weld lightweight, thin-wall (0.030”) titanium and stainless steel with unmatched precision. This is why several Tier 1 aerospace organizations ask NMG to design and construct welded parts for their aircraft.

With 25 years of experience in welding, we can maintain close tolerances, control shrinkage, and minimize warpage. We also offer assembly services, pressure testing, valve testing, pickling and passivation, and NDT inspection. Additionally, we are among top aerospace defense companies that is NADCAP-certified for painting and chemical processing.

MRO Capabilities

Our MRO capabilities extend to a wide variety of components involved in the construction of modern military aircraft, commercial airlines, and business jets. Our Stow, Ohio facility is approved for the repair of Accessory (Class 1) & Limited Accessory products. In Temper, Arizona, we can repair Limited Accessory products and Limited Airframe products.

Our specific repair capabilities include:

  • Deicing
  • Electromechanical
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics
  • Pack Boards

Why Choose NMG Over Other Aerospace Companies Near Me?

NMG Aerospace CompaniesComplex aerospace components require the expertise of a proven manufacturer, and NMG is your best resource for precision machining. NMG Aerospace is an American-owned and operated aerospace company offering a variety of services with quick turnaround and competitive pricing. We work with many distinguished national and international aviation and defense agencies because we are fully equipped to develop parts that meet their quality standards. You can depend on our 50+ years of experience to get the job done right. If you’ve been seeking aerospace companies near me who can tailor parts to specifications, and deliver lasting products, we are the team for the job.

If you have been looking for aerospace companies near me, contact us today to learn more about our products and manufacturing capabilities.