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Value-Added Services

Continuous Improvement

With a commitment to lean practices, policy deployment, and continuous improvement, NMG Aerospace is able to control costs to remain competitive. Our culture has been strategically oriented to continually focus on improving our people and processes which ultimately results in competitively-priced higher quality product. Please see Continuous Improvement for further information.

Competitive Cost Country Sourcing

In addition to National Manufacturing Mexico and Triveni Hi Tech Ltd., NMG Aerospace has as established both relationships and strategic partnerships with competitive cost country suppliers.  At a customer’s request, Competitive Cost Sourcing can be utilized during initial quoting.  Non-restricted products are often transitioned to competitive cost country sources later down the road in an effort to minimize price increases while ensuring a flawless transition without a change in quality or on-time delivery, and ensure optimum capacity and balance throughout the organization.  The normal progression of outsourcing is built into our pricing structure when applicable, as characterized by minimal price increases over a several year contract.

Structured Inventory Programs / Point-of-Use Kitting

Establish a  program for shipment based on a pull to minimize inventory costs and improve cash flow. Eliminate labor cost, overhead, and possibility for error while increasing throughput with kitted product, consignment, pull shipping, direct shipping, or other structured program. NMG Aerospace provides kitted solutions that include both purchased and manufactured goods including everything from washers to completed sub-assemblies. Depending on customer needs, kits can be delivered directly to point of use, on a pull, with a lead time of hours instead of weeks or months. Example: A kit containing 23 parts is built under one part number.  Each kit contains 23 sub-components. Orders call for 43 kits per month. This totals to 989 items.  A kitting solution saves by; reducing repetitive and cumbersome multi-line P.O.s, freeing up dollars tied  in inventory, lowering overhead of receiving and receiving inspection, decreasing burden of traceability on 23 part numbers vs. 1, and increasing inventory turns.

Direct Shipping

Eliminate labor cost, overhead, and possibility for error. NMG Aerospace can ship YOUR product, directly to YOUR customer, in YOUR box, with YOUR paperwork. Direct Shipping eliminates inventory, shortens lead time, and reduces costs associated with unpacking, inspection, and repacking product that is already produced outside. NMG Aerospace already ships hundreds of line items each month to its customers’ customers.

Electronic Data Interface (EDI)

Advanced electronic communication tools to eliminate time, waste, and potential for error which nets both cost savings and improved service.  Additionally, real time data regarding backlog, quality documentation, contract information, etc., can be retrieved by the customer directly from NMG’s Vantage system via the customer’s own business system interface.

Strategic Partnership Alliances

Through LTAs, JVs, and other strategic alliances NMG Aerospace is willing and able to for strategic partnerships with both customer and suppliers.  With strategic partnerships  NMG will make capitol investments in property and infrastructure to facilitate CI, program growth, and new product development.

LRU Assembly and Test (Integration)

Through a compilation of other value added services coupled with Assembly, Testing, Supply Chain Management, and Vendor Integration; NMG Aerospace designs, builds, qualifies, and tests Line Replaceable Units that can be shipped to the customer or direct shipped.  NMG Aerospace provides not only product but solutions.

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