Our Values

Our people are committed to bringing our values to life:


Sharing talent, knowledge, and resources while working together to achieve success.
Action: When teamwork and collaboration exist, we can deliver superior results.


Building and depending on lasting relationships with people, companies, and organizations to create value for each other.
Action: Trusting and relying on the expertise of many to conquer mutual challenges.


Finding better ways to add value and secure the future of NMG.
Action: Nurturing and supporting innovative people who use smart thinking and active imaginations to deliver new ideas — both large and small — to our team and customers.


Honesty in our intentions and actions to establish trust and confidence at all levels.
Action: Living with integrity by doing the right thing, even when no one is watching, no matter how painful.


Valuing each person or organization’s unique contribution and honoring their position.
Action: Accepting the challenge to earn the respect of our co-workers, business partners, and industry.

Teamwork   •   Partnership   •   Innovation   •   Integrity   •   Respect